Wholoarchial Currentism

Wholoarchial Currentism is a civilizational revolution so advanced technologies automated factories, self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, 3D printing can move postindustrial societies into a “Hyper’Classical Civilization”. We are planting the seeds of the future system where technology is solely for the benefit of the Whole.

This is the task of our age. In the hands of Pyranomics technological promises become nightmares. An infinite growth system can’t persist over limited natural resources. This is a struggle with an uncertain outcome, to mobilize social and spiritual forces.

WholoTeams create shared resources through NetsWorth collaboration, through copreneurial coalitions and value-driven portals and platforms empowering for whole benefit associations and projects. Productive Wholoteams share their capacity for production that is fair,sustainable and free sharing of knowledge and infrastructure.

Sharing Economy private platforms like Uber and AirBnB atomize individuals denying ownership or control of the platform isolating people from one another in their extractive framework again externalizing costs to the workers and the consumer reducing solidarity, social collaboration and risk management.

The cooperative movement and worker-owned enterprises have structural weaknesses. Cooperatives working for their members are reluctant to accept new cooperators that would share existing profits and benefits, practitioners of proprietary knowledge and artificial scarcities as their capitalist counterparts. They participate in the same dynamics of capitalist competition which undermines their own cooperative values.

We have an emergent field of open and commons-oriented peer production in fields such as free software, open design and open hardware, which do create common pools of knowledge for the whole of humanity, but are dominated by both start-ups and large multinational enterprises using the same commons. The more communistic the sharing license we use in peer production of free software or open hardware, the more capitalistic the practice, with for example the Linux commons becoming a corporate commons enriching IBM and the like.

Wholoarchial Currentism merges open peer with peer production and the cooperative production of value, integrate externalities, economic democracy, producing for the common good its knowledge. Circulation is combined with the process of cooperative accumulation, on behalf of the commons and its contributors.

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