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Wholonomics is grounded in Civilization Innovation. This includes technical, scientific, artistic, social and economic innovation.

Wholonomics is building global, decentralized, whole-based Portex Portals..

‘10,000 Portex Activating Visionaries, Wholoships inspired to create an actual new foundation of Civilization.

Wholonomics says Science and Art and Economics of the Whole has to be the Foundation.

Because this is so radical or difficult for the superficial reviewer to grasp, many may discount this shoutout and just move on. Wholonomics is about modeling new spaces of exchange for re-embedding human and life welfare with our intimates, community and earth family.’’

Stage 2.0

  • Wholonomics has 27 unique Portex portals each raising $81,890,000 through 12 Rounds.
  • Total Utilitoken raise over $2,000,000,000, Tokens and Currents valued at over $5,000,000.000.
  • 2,700,000,000 multiple token types issued in total.
  • Security Token Offer issues 10,000,000 Utilitokens to each of the 27 portals completing the seed creation of the Utilitokens.
  • Used to prototype the portal’s development.

Wholonomics, Economics of the Whole Launches GifToken Invitation, next phase of tokenomics.

 Wholonomics, Economics of the Whole, with multiple “Wholeness” Platforms, announced  Gift Currents launch.

“Wholonomics, transforming technical innovation by serving social innovation. “

Wholonomics is building vast new global whole-based portals and platforms devoted to the restoration and renewal of wholeness, providing a passage to “transubstantiate” the dead capital of our failed past, organically reversing the destruction of communities and ecosystems, renewing living currents of living systems.

Wholonomics models new spaces of exchange that re-embed human and life welfare with our intimates, community and earth family. Where we can heal the ancient rifts.

‘’We are calling on 10,000 Activated Agents. Portal-Initiating Visionaries.

Wholoship Builders’ inspired to create an actual new foundation for Civilization rooted in Wholonomics, The Arts and Sciences and Economics of the Whole.

Because this is so radical a perspective, one may discount this message glossing over the significance just moving on. But Here, there is something of great value.

Stage 2.0 Security Token Issue.

  • $1,070,000 Security Token Offer funds the portals by issuing 10,000,000 security token backed utilitokens to each of the 27 portals for the purpose of completing the portal prototype. Details are outlined in the Whitepaper.
  • Wholonomics with 27 unique portals each with the goal of raising $81,890,000 through 12 Rounds to ground a Civilization 3.0 Movement. Security tokens are used to develop the portal’s prototype.
  • The public Utilitoken raise will be from $2,000,000,000 to $5,000,000.000.
  • 2,700,000,000 Tokens and Currents of multiple types are issued in this funding design.

Get involved with your talents, connections and wisdom so Wholonomics can manifest with viral quickness.

For more information about registration and GifTokens, visit the official website:

Phone: 619 727-6787

Telegram: wholonomics

Skype: wholonomics

Twitter: Wholonomics

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