Why Use the Term Current?

The Wholeverse is plasmic, changing in form and information ever and ever. What happens as what we call space is charge constantly modifying the fabric of the Wholeverse in and out of the Source of the Wholeverse.

It is more crucial than ever for the masses of humanity to understand the true electrical nature of reality. Hence, the term Currents rather than Currency.

Active Currents used as a Medium of Exchange while Passive Reserve Currents and other monetized agencies are Stores of Value. Both are needed to ground an “Electromagnetically Active Scalar Field of Sharing” (MultiD Solomids).

Civilization 1.0 Tribalonomics was a Golden Age of relative tribal harmony and abundance.

This was replaced by Civilization 2.0 Pyranomics.  War Thirsty connected bloodlines Apexed themselves atop a new class system cementing in the Space their new Paradigm, Pyranomics.

They looted the wealth of the Civilization 1.0  tribes. They destroyed their lineages. They took from the original civilization their connections to Earth and Source.

Esoteric knowledge as to the nature of reality they hid from humanity. They built secret networks of connection and power to control the rest.

Currents indicate that we are moving to the next stage of Civilization, Wholonomics.

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