Solamids and Present Pricing Systems

The Obsolete Price System grew out of the days of scarcity when trading or stealing materials was the main way to acquire things required.

This pricing system is overwhelming finance, commerce and politics.

The Price System, however gigantic is but a method of goods exchange birthing from ancient customs and barter.

No pretense is made of accurate measurement; no physical accounting; accurate predictions cannot be made, stabilization cannot be assured.

The Price System as an exchange method. Sufficed fairly well in scarity, in abundance it cannot even do that. The dislocation of the exchange method is apparent

Why stick with the war, the poverty, the misery, the waste, the crime, the disease, and the corruption which the Price System spawns?

Common denominators are energy (Solamids), trust (repuCurrents), action results (CollabraCurrents), Reserve Currents.

Solamid measure the total amount of energy used in a given period is our base of valuation. 

Tools to gain Whole Benefits as holo’distributed flow lines.

Abundance certain make possible a balanced load.

Scale registration of all goods and services, produced, and used.

Registration of optimal consumption of each individual, record and description of the individual.

Widest latitude in consuming individual share of physical wealth.

Distribute abundantly to entire Global Wholomid.

Consider what we term fiat money or fiat or as termed here Pyramoney as a
medium of distribution.

What’s the properties of fiat? Relationships rooted in the function of scarcity. Fiat doesn’t measure anything.

Fiat is a debt claim against society valid in the hands of any bearer. It is negotiable.  

Can be saved. Circulates so not destroyed upon being spent unlike coupons. Fiat fails to meet requirements as a medium of distribution. Fiat is a species of debt and the cumulative amounts have to be continuously increased, in conjunction with being negotiable leads to control concentration to a few and a disruption of the equitable distribution.

Commodity valuations are the basis of money and is a Price System. So not
possible to maintain full abundance by means of a Price System.

Solamids can be used in this emerging era of abundance being speeded up by automation and AI. Solamids provides the accounting means for each individual to express individual preference as to what he wants of the products capable of producing. That is its function–to record the demand for goods and services and, thereby, to determine the amount to be produced. Applying one measuring device, production and consumption can be balanced and social harmony opened.

Real vote is in purchasing power. We buy we vote.

Wholonomics reduces need of social work and charity, can reduce socially destructive creations to a fraction of what exists now.

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