Wholonomic Roots of Currents as Life Capital

This is a more abstract illumination of the underlying meaning of Currents as it underlays true value accounting and its contrast with Pyramoney of Pyranomic Civilization.

Currents is an objective and quantifiable process whose criterion is life wealth/capacity that produces more life wealth/capacity without loss and with cumulative gain through generational time.

At the most comprehensive level, Currents denotes the collective life bases of the planetary ecosystem and all the socially constructed conditions of humanity’s provision of life goods which are reproduced and gain through generations.

Across scale, Currents is always that which enables life capacities to reproduce and advance through time. Currents, at any level, can be run down by a life-blind economic system such as ‘globalization’.  The collapse of the Easter Island culture is a paradigm example of this hollowing out of a society’s Currents bases in life-blind devotion to its system constructions as an end in self.  We follow this pattern on a global scale today.

All ecological life support systems together do not receive a small fraction of what subsidizes the big banks and oil/motor industries propelling their collapse.

The ruling system increasingly despoils it across sectors. This is the essential problem of our world.

Still despite all the denial and overlooking as an option, Wholonomic Meaning Steers Humanity’s Underlying Evolution

Ecological and social science research proves that Pyranomics does not produce more prosperity or reduce poverty for the world.

Transnational money sequences multiply through organic, social and ecological life hosts by looting and polluting them or otherwise increasing systemic and life-systems entropy leading to degrading circumstances.

Philosophers across schools reject any ultimate common value. This is one of the fruits of Nihilism or the exclusion of inherent value in the foundations of economic considerations. Though given lip service it is always to further the reigning agenda

No political party has any unifying solution.

We must compete harder to survive.

Results in common Currents bases increasingly stripped to keep enriching the Pyranomic Apex.

The poorer half of the world has lost over 40% of its wealth in the last five years,

Less than one-tenth of one percent, 1 in a 1000 of the world’s population has multiplied their private wealth.

Pyranomic disinformation agents champion global poverty reduction while blaming overpopulation or climate change or a distant enemy.

Reclaiming the roots of Currents is not even conceived. Creating true Negentropic Economics is far out of the frame of Pyranomic practice.

All Pyranomic Schools theories lack Living Currents’ base of measure. Across parties and schools, none is shown.

They assume priced commodity-cycles as an end in themselves with no life coordinates considered. And if they do to some extent, they still lack a accountable basis of valuation.

Political leaders parrot a world where the invisible-hand rules.

We know what that really means

Eco-economics remains confined to raw material replacements. Board-foot plantations and bio diverse forests are not distinguished in value.

Only a few have sufficient wisdom to want to move out of the value systems that rules. The few who do are marginalized.

Even fiddling at the margins of the ruling paradigm works for ever more systemic oppression and ruin to the “real-lifique”.

Keynes only questioned the Supply = Demand equation, arguing it could also be the reverse with Demand leading the productive cycle I  by government spending, even if it were only “holes in the sand”. This is as far as political wonking alternatives go Military, PPP, green-wash schemes and bank handouts spend trillions of public wealth to keep the big corporate money-sequences going.

Growth’ is the panacea leading to equations of more priced commodities.

The life-coherent idea that the demand of the economy is ultimately the demand of life systems for life goods is completely repressed. Money-exchanges alone compute where resources are focused even if the ice-caps melt, ever more billions are malnourished and ever more species go extinct.

Wholonomic Science, not Marxism is the Solution 

For Marx, productive forces are the ultimate driver of history and the base of human evolution, with the environment as instrumental value for human production re-creating the world to serve ever more empowered stages of productive development.

Marx’s position and orthodox techno-economics today are alike in principle but argue for opposite outcomes working-class revolution versus capitalist-system growth. Both are forms of technological determinism. Neither has a Life Currents base – the missing ground and link for receiving Wholonomic economic thought.

Close examination reveals that productive-force determinism is the ultimate driver of society for Marx with no grounding life-value base to control or direct it – Stalinist growth being an extreme example of the problem.

Life Capital represented by Currents is the underlying ground long eluding us – the ultimate base of human society and development, and the only concept which unifies across social, ecological and organic systems. It is the unseen foundation of the unifying alternative and applies across domains.

Defining Currents as Universalizable and Objective Value through Time.

Currents is an objective and quantifiable process whose criterion is life wealth/capacity that produces more life wealth/capacity without loss and with cumulative gain through generational time.

  • society’s public hydro infrastructure,

  • its literacy development,

  • individual’s organic fitness through age stages

Currents does not presuppose a private possessor of it. Nor private profit. These false presuppositions have become instituted in the reigning ‘economic’ paradigm.

At the most comprehensive level, Currents denotes the collective life bases of the planetary ecosystem and all the socially constructed conditions of humanity’s provision of life goods which are reproduced and gain through generations.

Across scale, Currents is always that which enables life capacities to reproduce and advance through time. Life capital, at any level, can be run down by a life-blind economic system such as globalization today.  The collapse of the Easter Island culture is a paradigm example of this hollowing out of a society’s Currents bases in life-blind devotion to its system constructions as an end in self.  We follow this pattern on a global scale today.

 How Currents Applies to our Daily Lives 
Currents is all that we continuously depend on to live and live well like breathable air,

  • potable water

  • everyday knowledge

  • energy infrastructures

  • life-protective laws and regulations

No good of our lives not dependent on it to stay alive and well,

The ruling system increasingly despoils it across sectors. This is the essential problem of our world.

On the individual level, each one of us is a bearer of Currents which we manage better rather than worse by developing rather than wasting or depleting it.

On the micro as well as the macro level, our Life Currents is far deeper in value than what can be sold in the market.

But if we lack the concept for what ultimately matters to us, that without which every life is reduced, malnourished and dies we are surely doomed. 

This is especially true for social and ecological Currents on which we depend without knowing it – for example, effective societal norms and infrastructures ensuring

  • clean air

  • water

  • stable climate

  • civil safety

  • electricity infrastructures

  • education

  • healthcare,

  • income security

All this becomes self-evident with testing inspection. But nothing is less comprehended in the reigning ‘Pyranomic Bubble’.

Its paradigm is decoupled from life means and substance in principle, with money demand for them as their only worth. If it is not priced for exchange and purchase, it has no value in this value system.

There is no life-value in the calculus. If a natural resource or beauty does not make money, it is ‘wasted’.

If a corporation kills people by its negligence, the value of their lives is the income to replace them.

It may seem that Currents in a certain no Wholonomic sense has already entered into progressive economists’ vocabulary with concepts of ‘natural capital’, ‘social capital’, ‘human capital’ and ‘knowledge capital’  which have become familiar in recent decades (beginning with ‘human capital’ from 1960’s onward applied to people who increase their own market value by earning university degrees.

Yet these seeming forms of Currents reverse its meaning. They mean only what can be equated to a money value in the market, and so rule out Currents value itself – the value in itself and for life of nature, society, and knowledge. The value of the Whole itself.

Life value, all real value on earth cannot be conceived within the instituted blinkers.

Since only what increases revenues/reduces costs in money transactions and sequences is a “cost” or “benefit” to this value calculus, polluting, depleting and otherwise destroying Currents is built in as more “efficiency” because it reduces cost inputs. Again what can be externalized is considered profit.

A contradiction arises across the oceans and forests of the world. Currents is perpetually despoiled as ‘natural capital’ to maximize money-value profit. However, natural Currents is in fact destroyed, moving from one site to the next under the fictitious guise of  globalization.

 ‘Development’ and ‘growth’ are not able to distinguish between ‘investor value adding’ and the cumulative destruction of life systems.

This has Gone Wrong and Wild at the Most Basic Level.

The ruling Pyranomic value system is reduced to money becoming more money for transnational private possessors.

Moral disorder is not examined or represented as it behaves.

Rather it is auto-poetically venerated in stock epithets like

  • ‘freedom’

  • ‘prosperity’

  • ‘new wealth’

In reality, a fourfold mechanism of media indoctrination, transnational treaty commands, academic prostitution and armed force keep imposing the system step by step.

The global money-sequence system operates in accordance with internal laws not discussed. Most people have no idea of the inner logic of the reigning assumptions.

It selects for

  • more priced commodities without life standards

  • multiplies money demand to the richest

  • Most deeply depredates Currents across social and ecological life support systems. See Scales.

That this system cumulatively entails eco-genocidal effects is taboo to raise within official society.

Orthodox theory is instead devoted to perfecting the models of money-sequence ‘value adding’ with arcane mathematics leading devices for the rich to slip between the cracks of the law and global ethics.

Wall Street has in this mode modeled control of the buyable water and land in the world for future profit to its investors with anything else that can be bought and sold to spike private money sequences.

Every plane of existence from which more money-value can be extracted is in the cross-hairs,

Effective binding protection for Currents bases is nearly unknown

The planet is systemically converted into private money sequences for the Apex Predators depriving and destroying organic, economic and natural life support systems. Austerity programs are used to keep the meta program going.

Corporate-rights treaties are backed by severe punishments of taxpayers for any profit-reducing deviation by democratic laws

  • for example, reduce neuro-toxins in the air

  • stop toxic dumps

  • proscribe dolphin meat

  • prohibit slave labor product.

All is enforceable by financial and armed embargo in the last resort, and corporate state politicians are pervasively lobbied with electoral financing and post-office wealth to serve the world order.

Thomas Berry long ago observed that “corporate profit is the deficit of the Earth”. Roughly speaking the externalized costs equal net corporate profits.

None of the world’s top industries would be profitable if they paid for the natural capital they use

Externalities are costs by businesses not paid for by those businesses. Industrial processes put pollutants in the air increasing public health costs. The public picks up the tab. Businesses privatize profits and publicize costs.

This is a deep description of current human practices.

Tally up the total “unpriced natural capital” consumed by the world’s top industrial sectors. “Natural capital” is ecological materials and services, clean water or a stable atmosphere. “Unpriced” means that businesses don’t pay to consume them.

This serves as an important signpost pointing the way to the truth about externalities.

Here’s how those costs break down:

The majority of unpriced natural capital costs are from greenhouse gas emissions (38%), followed by water use (25%), land use (24%), air pollution (7%), land and water pollution (5%), and waste (1%).

So how much is that costing us? Trucost’s headline results are fairly stunning.

First, the total unpriced natural capital consumed by the more than 1,000 “global primary production and primary processing region-sectors” amounts to $7.3 trillion a year.

Coal is the enemy of the human race. Compiled rankings, both of the top environmental impacts and of the top industrial culprits.

Here are the top five biggest environmental impacts and the region-sectors responsible for them:

Click to embiggen.UNEP

The biggest single environmental cost? Greenhouse gases from coal burning in China. The fifth biggest? Greenhouse gases from coal burning in North America. (This also shows what an unholy nightmare deforestation in South America is.)

Now, here are the top five industrial sectors ranked by total ecological damages imposed:

Click to embiggen.UNEP

It’s coal again! This time North American coal is up at number three.

Trucost’s third big finding is the coup de grace. Of the top 20 region-sectors ranked by environmental impacts, none would be profitable if environmental costs were fully integrated. Ponder that for a moment: None of the world’s top industrial sectors would be profitable if they were paying their full freight. Zero.

That amounts to an global industrial system built on sleight of hand. As Paul Hawken likes to put it, we are stealing the future, selling it in the present, and calling it GDP.

This gets back to what I was saying at the top. The notion of “externalities” is so technical, such an economist’s term. Got a few unfortunate side effects, so just move some numbers from Column A to Column B, right?

But the UNEP report makes clear that what’s going on today is more than a few accounting oversights here and there. The distance between today’s industrial systems and truly sustainable industrial systems — systems that do not spend down stored natural capital but instead integrate into current energy and material flows — is not one of degree, but one of kind. What’s needed is not just better accounting but a new global industrial system, a new way of providing for human wellbeing, and fast. That means a revolution.

In the more exact words of Wall Street analysis: “With captive customers, the cash flows are virtually guaranteed. The only major variables are the initial prices paid, the amount of debt used for financing, and the pace and magnitude of price hikes – easy things for Wall Street to model.”

‘Freedom’ here consists in no recourse left for society to stop or limit the hollowing out of Currents to maximally profit transnational investors. In pretence of ‘free trade’, peoples are deprived of what ultimately matters to them without knowing what has happened.

In the end people feel increasingly helpless and meaningless in a world run out of control.

Implications for Public Policy and Recovery

Re-grounding begins with a first principle.

In Wholonomic understanding, the economic ground begins with reproduction of the planetary atmosphere itself, the oceans, hydrological cycles, soil cover, forests, fellow species, and all such life bases now erased from accounts by the reigning model.

Real economic value is not created by the global market or by money exchanges. This ruling delusion has been promoted by neo-economics since the turn of the 20th century when it reduced economics to dyadic money exchanges with no life coordinates or bases a system in which the best of possible worlds is a money-price gain for the exchangers.

Currents includes far more than the planet’s physical resources on which life depends. All real goods that are reproduced

All Real Goods that cumulatively advance through time,

  • scientific knowledge

  • life protective norms

  • accessible energy sources

These are all measurable Currents formations along with the human-made bases of the real economy of producing goods otherwise in short supply.

Pyranomics uniformly, eliminates all Currents from view.

All commodities are ‘goods’ by definition.

Only what can be privatized to yield more money counts as ‘economic’ or ‘competitive’.

A system of taking more than is put in every cycle with no limit becomes the supreme law of ‘value creation’ with all its profitable produces as ‘goods’, never “not-goods”.  Where is the scale?

Pyrasites manufacture money by ever rising debt-issues and service charges creating nothing themselves.

No step is possible without the guarantee and force of corporate states. “My administration”, said President Obama to his Wall Street audience on April 3 2009, “is the only thing between you and the pitchforks”.

  • Governments’ servant economists and stacked committee

  • double-standard tax policies

  • escalating subsidies

  • armed force protections

  • privatization of public knowledge

  • foreign wars

are further dimensions of Pyranomics at work.

Currents are opposite in nature.

  • whether our own lives or family

  • our bioregion

  • or the planetary life-host

  • the tree, garden or birdlife

  • vocation

  • vocabulary

One underlying formula of life substance and flourishing across all of them.

Produces more life wealth/capacities without loss and with cumulative gain through time in all its variations, the law of true human evolution.

Securing our Currents base to live by is its first moral axiom across cultures and tastes.

First principle in turn, policy and regulation to prevent any Currents being run down, wasted or destroyed – as almost all are now with increasing impacts daily.

Our collective and individual Currents of ecological, social and organic life hosts are all at risk.

The solution has to come from recognizing the problem.

Wholonomic Current deciders collectively reclaim human purpose by binding life-capital standards to regulate production, trade and investment- as we already do now with water and sewer standards and enforced laws against criminal attacks.

How the Mass Media Paralyze Societies within the Life-Blind Money Mechanism 

The mass media are advertising vehicles selling media spaces to the wealthiest corps.

Operationally structured as a propaganda system for the corporations buying the spaces and the system they are embedded in.

Mass media promote and idealize Pyranomic operations and wealth sustaining them.

These corporations collectively depredate the Currents bases of societies with no connected media investigations.

No Currents standards governing so a global market race to the bottom forms without alternative.

Trillions of pyradollars go to big banks and corporations to keep them floating.

$5.3 trillion of public money by IMF calculation is given to fossil-fuel corporations alone.

What is not seen is not responded to. The mass media are, in fact, structured to divert attention from the system’s degenerate trends to sell priced commodities as their law of motion.

Endless images, gossip and tales of appetite, fear and projection hold populations in thrall disconnected from their common life-ground.

The latest Enemy of the US/EU is then cast as the real threat to global life security – presented, for example, by intermittent hate messages on Vladimir Putin.

What is actually occurring in tidal trends – the acidifying oceans, rising climate instability, species extinctions, and youth without meaningful life vocations –dissolve out of view.

The system remains auto-assumed as the best of possible worlds by the media, economists, formal economic models, and academic mainstreams.

And why not?  Human slavery too was thought optimal for centuries – in fact, it was the first major commodity of ‘global free trade’.  Mass homicide by system starvation and ecocide are still called ‘costs of development’ with no challenge of the term.

PARADIGM knowledge and information themselves become proprietary monopolies, we come to see that the world’s deepest problem is the instituted mind-lock of the reigning paradigm beneath consciousness of its life blind logic.


Currents Bases Blocked Out A-Priori

Mass media governed by three implicit goals –

  • selling corporate ads,

  • validating money power,

  • blocking out Currents bases


Professional sports exemplify the system as its ultimate site of transnational market propaganda. They draw mass audiences round the world with no competitor to mobilize public attention and commitment. The inner logic of the ruling value system is imprinted beneath notice.

In this way, the ultimate struggle for better life on earth is displaced by commercial contest spectacles and logos competing for private money pay-offs for the few.

Free time itself is subjugated by the corporate money system.

Battle cries of ‘everything is at stake’ drive ersatz-tribal passions to displace what really matters to life on Earth. Even if a public issue comes into the spectacle-sales agenda, it too is converted by corporate ads into sales images of concern and action.

The rising catastrophic storms, sea-rises and weather extremes are euphemized as ‘climate change’ with only market solutions promoted.

In the US, the most popular sports are linked to military displays, bands and metaphors, with few noticing the US military is the biggest killer and greatest polluter in the world.

Again we see the many levels at which life-blind aggression and attack is built into this system. The destruction becomes part of the excitement with, for example, pristine nature as a favorite scene of beauty to sell fossil-fuel super engines ripping up the life terrain. Reduced to ad vehicles, the mass media follow one underlying law of meaning.

Collective Currents bases are the proper concern of nations and democracy but they do not compute within the reigning mind-set.


Wholonomics is founded on proper concern. Education is a common Current that leads to further Current development.

The academic world has been taken over by Pyranomic self-maximization in less visible ways. University administrations have become corporate fund managers accountable to no academic standards in their multiplied spending on their own offices, salaries, and corporate-ladder culture. https://www.globalresearch.ca/how-the-corruption-of-science-contributes-to-the-collapse-of-modern-civilization/5666220

Their essential function is partnering with leveraged corporate research funds necessary to replace underfunding by corporate states – a 25 year planned process in North America.

At the same time, commercial publishers have bought up once-independent scholarly journals across the academic world, multiplied their prices to libraries, and imposed corporate procedures of refereeing with corporate forms ruling out critical autonomy of evaluation. Throughout, the externally profiting transnational corporations exploit university scholars’ need to be published with no payment for their services.

In fact, the publishing corporations pay nothing for the entire life-capital infrastructure of advancing learning and disseminating knowledge, an extremely costly affair for advanced facilities and world-level expertise. All educational costs are borne by taxpayers and student fees, exerting mounting downwards pressure on public capacities of research and teaching.

Ever more cuts follow from corporate states and administrations so that, for example, casual labor with no research support does most of the teaching and instruction.

Throughout research for new commodities for the global corporate market becomes the dominant objective of funding sciences themselves.

Every step of these systemic degradations and front-line dispossessions dismantles the Currents evolution of public learning and higher research leading the species’ evolution.

Lead Philosophies are Decoupled from the Life-Ground Too

In the background, the most lauded thinkers block out the advancing corporate occupation and the Currents alternative in principle.

Martin Heidegger seems to sense the great hollowing out in his signature idea of our “forgetfulness of Being”. Yet he has no life-ground to go on but rather the “home of language” rooted in pre-Socratic conceptions of the map rather than territory.

Wittgenstein and others follow with “language games” and “linguistic philosophy” in the English-analytic tradition, but again with life-ground and social structure are bracketed out as if they did not exist.

Social philosopher-scientist leader, Jurgen Habermas, reduces “life-world” to background assumptions, ruling any alternative economic order out a-priori.

The dominant justice/moral theories of John Rawls and Robert Nozick have dominated normative philosophy over half a century, but cannot get beyond self-maximizing agents in a social void with no collective Currents bases imagined across industries of literature.

‘Communitarian’ philosophy moves underneath liberal atomism to social institutions and traditions as common bearings of persons and social reality, but has no deeper test or validation of them in universal life needs or Currents ground.

Even socialist theory and doctrine provides no unifying life foundations integrating ecology, economics and life-value choice space.

Throughout, the evolved life ground is lost – the Currents bases of humanity and nature as ground and measure of all life value through time in process of reproduction.

We already have the basics in any working public health system where every one of these parameters can be known down to the finest detail of life capacity performance and well-being, but joining the dots into unifying concept and common thread across domains is the missing meta step.

The Post moderns Revolt Against Any Common Life-Ground At All

Many celebrate post-modern thinkers like Foucault, Baudrillard, Derrida and Lyotard who are believed to expose the inhuman and the repressive in our institutions and language by a liberation from metaphysics of duality and deep structures.

Less noticed, the postmodernists implicitly repudiate any unifying life-ground whatever.

Currents do not exist. Like the global market, postmodernism proclaims the free, the particular and the disruptive without any life base, while ignoring the actual global command system’s attack on planetary life itself.

Some like Deleuze may loathe capitalism. But they have no conception of humanity’s universal life bases and necessities to ground agreement or alternative to what destroys them.

Organizing principles which bridge from the past through the present to the future by objective common life interests are, yet again, ruled out. 

The economists’ life-blind paradigm of liquid mechanics goes on being mapped onto the living world, unquestioned even by the self-conceived subversives of totalizing struct


Socially constructed and regulated Currents formations –

  • public literacy

  • health systems

  • clean air and water

  • electric-light access

  • recycling garbage and sewage systems

  • life security in body and speech

  • book and film libraries

  • ecological integrity including noise bylaws

  • biodiverse pathways and surroundings

We find Currents meaning most inclusively and incisively when we consider our lives without any of them.

In polar contrast, public spending is now increasingly diverted to subsidize the private money-sequence system in trillions of dollars to dominant corporations leading the depredation of Currents bases – for example,

  • ‘quantitative easing’

  • the destabilizing and  non-productive speculations of big banks

  • the massive subsidization of the armaments,

  • oil and luxury

  • motor industries

But the most built-in appropriations of public wealth and collective Currents bases are by corporate lobbies feeding on public services and the public purse directly by privatization schemes.

To cite British MP John McDonnell: “Privatization over the last four decades has been a history of snatching up public assets to print private money. From the earliest privatizations of water, energy and rail to the PFI [Private Financial Intitiatives] from the last decade, it has been one long confidence trick.”

The same covert raiding of public Currents to feed private corporate profits has been imposed by captive states across the world – a systematic eating away of social life support systems and services accompanying the looting of ecosystems and natural resources as ‘the last frontier of easy money’.

Collective life capacities and capital are the victim, but no measure of their losses exists. In fact, every overloading, depletion, pollution, abandonment, reverse liability, under-investment in infrastructures, and price-gouging of ‘privatization’ programs follows the reigning paradigm’s primary axiom of rational choice.

In its abstract form, the rule of self-maximizing preference in all things is the overriding law of modern reason with no proof or question of it in even the inner sanctums of high theory.

Life-coherent reason is missing – consistency with Current requirements.

Consistency with evidence and other statements provide empirical and logical validity, but not life validity – the lost life-ground of knowledge.

It is already at work without the name in valid life-protective and safety regimes across sectors, and in medical science, public health and infrastructures and requirements of life necessity across domains.

The underlying meaning is the evolution of human society itself towards ever more life-coherent rule systems of how to live on the planet.

Currents defense and advance is the missing link and guiding thread across domains.

Public money is properly investment flow of society into life capital. But much goes immediately to paying off private banks which create the money as unlimited debt issues with permanent service demands, a distinguished from central bank loans with no such private-profit issue and claws on the public purse – as in successful economies like China and in Canada’s before 1974 when its great social and physical infrastructures were built.

Another US $26 trillion today goes offshore to evade public taxation. At every level, the Currents bases of society are invaded by private money-sequence demands adding costs and degrading them so that most are in cumulative decline. This is the macro pattern of Currents dispossession and common wealth destruction by the transnational money-sequence system until a public Currents turn steers us.

Wholonomics follows from the Logic of the Problem

In the degenerate trends identified above, the private market system lacks Currents coordinates and binding standards to guide it.

Yet if we consider human advances made through generational time, we find the underlying principle of public Currents always at work in some form

  • from language development by agreed-on conventions enabling more meaningful communications

  • to protection of community water supplies and waste-recycling separation

  • o knowledge criteria and storing across the lines of death

  • to the ecological protection systems that ultimately decide the rise or fall of civilizations.

Seek any exception to this evolutionary pattern so far as humanity advances. It is the unseen moral vocation of the race.

Steering is life-coherent through time by life-capital measure and principle at all levels – as already being achieved in life-coherent energy and trash conversion systems, still-working public health systems, open knowledge centers of dissemination and learning, and ecological understanding dissolving life-blind ignorance. The Currents base of developed societies has already evolved beneath market phenomena, but without second-order understanding or even a name.

Thus the global money-sequence system continues to seek ‘growth’ that cumulatively despoils Currents and support systems without a connecting concept of the problem and solution across domains.

Currents provides this missing concept and common ground as the set-point of life-coherent policy deciders across jurisdictions. It is always what ultimately matters to human and fellow life – that without which life capacities are destroyed over time. 

Its measure invariably enables an objectively unifying meaning of life-value gain or loss throughout – of life security in need, of housing and nourishing food supply, of adequate clean water and sewage cycles, of accessible learning and knowledge, of public facilities and structures of production and art, and of the environmental integrity of our life-host – in short, the true goods of life which are now everywhere at risk without a life-value ground and compass to guide choice and action.

Guaranteed that PyraMoney won’t last forever 

It will not persist when there is no advantage to using it A largely cashless society is almost alreadycomplete.

Money is simply a means of exchange. When its utility is replaced by something more efficient it will become extinct.

Right now it is a protected species with purists still trying to revive it. each pillar which underpins the system is being pulled down one by one.

Soon it will fall.

Fiat valuations no longer tied to any commodity  it’s price being entirely independent and it’s valuation contingent on what we collectively believe is a bubble.

Stop believing in the value of paper money today it will be worth nothing tomorrow.

Without resorting to the argument of historical precedent, the size and scale of central banks or the promise these institutions have made to maintain a certain valuation what do you have to argue against it?

Consider a technological solution forings a level or trust inconceivable in a human led system.

Pyramoney is a product of our beliefs married to our hope that it’s value will remain. Same with stocks and bonds.

Money has been for the last 30 years, an intellectual construct centered on trust in Governance.

Trust in these institutions is at a historical low. We don’t trust the reasons they give for the decisions they make to act in our best interests or ability to deliver a better future. Why would anyone?

Wholonomics is a new operating system for a decentralized world. The future because it takes back control of the things we are most dependent on for us to subsist.

It is the future because it is already here making a difference to how we act.

No longer will we have to trust a government to reign over us and carelessly prescribe dangerous monetary policy we must accept.

No longer must we accept situations of austerity forced upon us due to government intervention in a financial collapse where there was no punishment for any of the individuals who caused it.

No longer is our future dependent on the whims of governments.

What price would you put on trust programmed in to an immutable ledger where those participating hold the keys to how the platform develops.

Unilateral arbitrary decision making is replaced by consensus processes and sciences. Each IproDtoken holder contains all sovereign properties such as governance.

If you don’t understand the implications of that you’re not paying attention.

We understand the mechanisms, the underlying technology that powers cryptocurrency and the economics of scarcity a revolution nderstand civilizational distinctions.

Understand why things are changing, appreciate the technology underpinning the revolution and where the next epochal leap is coming from and heading to.

We can positively impact the progress this new system can make.

Understand that the success of the system is contingent on an unwavering belief that throughout history innovation has always disrupted what currently exists.

If a system is better, exponentially so, then nothing will ever be able to stand in the way of progress.

For the same reason Google destroyed Yahoo, and Facebook vanquished MySpace, Currents will destroy money.

In the same way Amazon has brutalized physical retail, Wholonomics will eradicate banks. Pay attention.

The moment central banks pushed the button on quantitative easing they signed the death warrant of capitalism operating system that has monopolized the world. The effects are not yet played.

Wholonomics is a more efficient vessel which allows for its manifest destiny to be realized. Progress is relentless.

  • Industrial civilization is killing all life on our planet, driving to extinction 200 species per day, and it won’t stop voluntarily.

  • Global warming is happening now, at an astounding speed. The only honest solution is to stop industrial civilization from burning fossil fuels.

  • Most consumption is based on violence against people (human and non-human) and on degrading landbases across the planet.

  • Life on Earth is more important than this insane, temporary culture based on hyper-exploitation of finite resources. This culture needs to be destroyed before it consumes all life on this planet.

  • Humanity is not the same as civilization. Humans have developed many sane and sustainable cultures, themselves at risk from civilization.

  • Most people know this culture is insane and needs radical change, but don’t see any way to bring the change about.

  • Unlike most environmental and social justice organizations, Deep Green Resistance questions the existence and necessity of civilization itself. DGR asks “What if we do away with civilization altogether?”

  • Unlike most environmental and social justice organizations, DGR asks “What must we do to be effective?”, not “What will those in power allow us to do?”

  • DGR offers organized, reliable ways to promote sane ways of living and surviving the ongoing crisis.

  • DGR has a realistic plan to stop the insanity

  • Deep Green Resistance is an analysis, a strategy.As an analysis, it reveals civilization as the institution that is destroying life on Earth. As a strategy, it offers a concrete plan for how to stop that destruction. As an organization, Deep Green Resistance is implementing that strategy.

  • The goal is to deprive the rich of their ability to steal from the poor and the powerful of their ability to destroy the planet. This is a vast undertaking but it needs to be said: it can be done. Pyranomic civilization can be stopped.

  • an aboveground organization that uses direct action in the fight to save our planet. We also argue for the necessity of an underground that can target the strategic infrastructure of industrialization. But these actions alone are never a sufficient strategy for achieving a just outcome. Any strategy aiming for a livable future must include a call to build direct democracies based on human rights and sustainable material cultures.

  • Which means that the different branches of a resistance movement must work in tandem: the aboveground and belowground, the militants and the nonviolent, the frontline activists and the cultural workers. We need it all.

  • And we need courage. The word “courage” comes from the same root as coeur, the French word for heart. We need all the courage of which the human heart is capable, forged into both weapon and shield to defend what is left of this planet. And the lifeblood of courage is, of course, love.

  • this organization is about love. The songbirds and the salmon need your heart, no matter how weary, because even a broken heart is still made of love. They need your heart because they are disappearing, slipping into that longest night of extinction, and the resistance is nowhere in sight. We will have to build that resistance from whatever comes to hand: whispers and prayers, history and dreams, from our bravest words and braver actions. It will be hard, there will be a cost, and in too many implacable dawns it will seem impossible. But we will have to do it anyway. So gather your heart and join with every living being. With love as our First Cause, how can we fail?