Milaurums FAQ


WHAT ARE Milaurum and how do they connect to GIFTCURRENTS

Milaurum means 1000th ounce of gold. Aurum is latin for gold. Mil and Aurum. Milaurum are a stable coinin that it is based on the pricing of gold. A store of value. As Giftcurrent circulate and used as a medium of exchange, 5% revenues is used to provide real backing to the Giftcurrents.


Philip Lilien developed the concept that will be brought to fruition through the Wholonomics teams (the Wholoteams).


Milaurum will be nearly perfect as a base store of Value to back Giftcurrents and other Currents Sets. The value is around $1.00 each depending on the value of gold.

How Milaurum are generated eliminates the energy wasting mining methods. They are generated through the IperDtoken NetsWorth as a means to create the giftcurrents as a stable unit of exchange.

What is the difference with milaurum?

Milaurum is utilitarian and will have drastic drops in value. It will be backed by SKR safe keeping receipts for gold concentrate and other none refined gold material. The reason is that we will be able to obtain the gold at a discount off of hallmarked exchange pricing adding an additional degree of backing to the Milaurum.

HOW are Milaurum CREATED?

1,000,000,000 will be authorized to be issued at a big discount off of face value. These Giftcurrent crowdfunding will be used to begin to obtain the backing and to integrate into Wholonomics. This is a much more efficient method to generate the backing. Proof of stake and proof of work is not needed. Milaurum minting system will reward giftcurrent users based on the number of giftcurrents they exchange being akin to a stake.

Minters of Milaurum produce blocks of Milaurum sharing in the rewards through IperDtoken MultiDcurrents distribution.

Special hardware or numerous computers not required.


Early buyers of Milaurum will stake the highest amount of assets thus the greatest rewards.

The distribution algorithm will reward early minters who have taken the greatest risk.

Before a minter can receive their Milaurum Bonds, they have to obtain their unique IperDtoken to be a member of the NetsWorth. This grants them permission to be a minter and insures security to the system preventing abuse. Bonds are issued through our site.

A fee is assessed to be able to start to generate Milaurum.

With this fee you can obtain the bond.

Cost to obtain the bond is earned back through HyperD referral rewards.

Initial pricing will increase as more funds are raised to back the Currents and the structure is further built out.

HOW DO I exchange for milaurum?

Milaurum can be obtained by registering on our website at

Once registered, you will receive a deposit address.

You can then submit a payment using Bitcoin, Ethereum, or USD, and the amount of Milaurum obtained will be sent to your deposit address once the network is live.


Milaurum can be obtained now. The cost is expressed at the site at The cost to obtain will increase each round as thebacking increases. We want the issue of 1,000,000,000 Milaurum be backed by 28 MT of gold. This way the initial lost cost purchase will over time naturally increase in value maxing out at 1,000th ounce per Milaurum

what is the milaurum price?

There are three prices,

  • present round price
  • market price
  • gold exchange price

The present round price tells us how many Milaurum needs to be deposited into their account using the ERC-20 smart contract system.

The market price will be determined once publicly traded on the exchanges, and this will fluctuate based on perceived value.

Exchange rates are between Milaurum and the value of gold and silver.

The price of Milaurum will be determined by the value of gold.

HOW is milaurum BE BACKED BY GOLD?

An exchange rate will be set between Milaurum and the gold reserves.

Milaurum will be minted and traded in the decentralized peer-to-peer Ecochange network with the use of digital assets, and the Milaurum themselves will essentially function as placeholders to determine a person’s future wealth.

WHY SHOULD I obtain milaurum?

This will become a backing for all Wholonomic Current Issues.

Obtaining now affords an opportunity to multiply the wealth as the value increase.