Portex 22 – Creator Celebration Gigitalism

Gift Current Offer – 1,000,000,000 Creator Celebration Currents


Average Each 100,000 Unique.creatorcelebration.com

Microventure Gig-italism

 For Musicians, downloads from Spotify, Itunes etc do not earn much for the artist.

New groups do not have a fanbase or are well-known to even get many downloads.

They find it difficult to imposssible to build a viral campaign that can be self-funded.

To price the download for even a penny probably reduces the download amount by 2/3.

Just getting an underwriter investor to pay for the album is limited as one still has to invest in promotion to become self-sustaining so that is not the best solution. And underwriters are hard to find and can be a hassle. This is why bands have to tour to make any money

Another option is to use third party “gigital funding”Microventure Gigism.

One solution

Having third parties who want to build a list of sell more pay for leads. CPA (Cost per Action) Pay per call advertisers will pay $.50 to $3 or even a lot more for a good lead. Basic is just a name and zip code and email.

The advantage is that the marketing is built in, the more advertising pushed the more earned for the art. We get cheap targeted promotion on a mass level. With raw advertising cost estimated to be $.25 a submission, the average return should be at least $2.00. For every $1 to promote the CPA returns $8.

Additionally, this connects the microventure gigitalist to receive Currents towards a return on the action. We also build the fan base persons/email/social network.

We offer multiple streams of funding. We have multiple CPA offers in sequence with an autofill function so it is easy to fill out with minimum friction. Each offer has a different number of Currents awarded depending on the complexity and amount the CPA type offer gives.

If they fill out a more extensive questionnaire they get more CCC (Creator Celebration Currents) linked to the creation of an album or art installation, event, new product start-up.

So for a name and email address they get one current. If they fill out address or interest in a product area it might be 5 currents.

They will be able to redeem their Currents for according to sales of the project purpose. This may be also in the form of hats and tee-shirts, mugs, etc.

This is a way without cost tobuild a fanbase.

To illustrate, the total issue is 100,000 CCC units that through CPA offers returns $2 each average or $200,000. This will be more than enough to launch a new group or artist and gain a large seed of a fan base. Costs would be around $25,000 that is bootstrapped as more and more MVG (Microventure Gigitalists) become involved.

 As soon as the fan has skin in the game they become more interested. Even if it is $10 on a football game. Giving the Currents for a profit share is a good hook. They now WANT the project and persons to succeed and may want to contribute more, directly as Current buys.

Fill out this request and receive 500 gift card balance out of 100000 gift cards new domain micro capital micro venture capitalist or micro venture capital dot-com

Creator celebration currents each offer to raise money for a project has a series of CPA offers attached to it they are incentives in the way of programs and Creator celebration Prince they are a percentage if the total return as defined in that particular offer

Landing page has a video and music just complete some CPA offers this is simple to the point for every completed author you earn creator of Salvation cards that can be used immediately to download various programs when you press complete you will be taken to be awarded creative celebration occurrence the purpose of these currents is to develop our new artistic direction to positive uplifting sounds using the 4:38 scale we bring well-being to the mind

Micro Venture Capital are small amounts that our own through microtasking the domain CCC would have banned. Creator celebrations.com event. Creator celebrations.com Book. Creator celebrations.com Etc the Creator celebration portal or portex gets 30% of the Rays used to develop Highland Amex put together all of my CPA trainings have account setup Dominican set up the accounts can include other kinds of offers insurance phone calls have them want to help DramaFire skin in the game

Create the Creator celebration for tax notes and upload onto site replacing what is there now or adding to what is there now

Optimal CPA offer

  • International

  • can do incentives (can do content lock though)

  • high volume

  • hyper completion

  • positive company

  • offer matched with audience

  • the presentation method is pleasing

  • persuasive

  • causes commitment

The current offers issues should be as frictionless and low-cost as possible the offer pages should be cool and artistic

We invite you to be a part of our next album get free band coins in a percentage of the profits orchid or get free swag band swag

Use the sponsored group to help promote they get a turnkey site replicated that can be altered this is also true for the iperDtoken net worth

Creator celebration portal series of current offers for Creator celebration projects give current raise 100,000 used to system receives 30% of the net amount formula.25 registration cash $3 average with good ml with good NLP upsell techniques the further purchased $3 average$6.25 or a 24 to 1 return create a supply base priority.

Market for musicians Artist installations promoters of events unlock the music the video the art of the event go to place and get currents do more and get more cards a list that you earn x amount for each level

Content lockers have been used for years by website owners to lock down certain premium areas of their websites. Basically when someone wants access to a premium area, they fill out an offer and the content becomes “unlocked.” It’s a good way to still keep your site free, but also make money for your hard work.

And it’s this same concept that we will be using for giving away free songs to our artists fanbase. You have a few different options. You can use a network that is already done the majority of the work for you and create what’s called a “content locker” through them. My favorite network like this is called CPALead.

The other way to setup a content locker is to use your own self-hosted solution. I use both ways, but using a self hosted solution gives you more control over the offers and usually puts more money into your pocket. The software I use to pull this off is called Content Locker Pro. You need a separate domain for the install of this and it will be dedicated to just hosting your content lockers. So decide now which one you would like to start with, if you’re looking to save some money and do not want to purchase the selfhosted solution, you may opt to go with CPALead for now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_M9A4baqnkI Content locker pro set-up https://demo.mythemeshop.com/s/?theme=Content%20Locker

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