Portex 8 – CoHeroGen WoloMid

The only real revolution is in the enlightenment of the mind and the improvement of character, the only real emancipation is individual, and the only real revolutionists are philosophers and saints.

A Purpose of the CoHeroGen  (cohere + hero + gen for genius and generating) Portex is to Raise IperDtoken holders towards Well-Being and Genius through IperDtoken Benefits. 

Shop Portal Network – The Holomid through translating and transforming fiat exchanges into Wholonomic Revaluation Expressions.

The Holomid Networth of Shop Portals generate the base for The CoHeroGen Currents

GlobaMid receives and has fiduciary responsibility for the supply side margins that benefits are provided to the Token Holders.

IperDToken Holders can be users of the Holomid as well as receiving benefits through the HyperDimensional eXchange Linkfield (HD..XL..).

Wholonomics purchases shops with millions of customers in multiple verticals. We then enroll them as IperDtoken Holders to automatically receive Coherogen Benefits and Wealthwork opportunities.

To qualify to be an IperDtoken Holder, they agree to do at least 10% of their online marketing through one of the IperDtoken Network Portals, one of the shops. The member receives their product and Currents they can spend on raising their well-being and genius in the broadest sense of that. The spending can be on collective projects, using of Locamid Currents, personal health regimes, learning new mind skills, opening the heart for greater emotional intelligence, training and mentoring courses to be an engineer or whatever interest them.These Currents have to be actively used for a benefit to themselves or others.  

$100 purchase translates into the purchase plus $100 + in Coherogen IperDtoken benefits through leveraging the margins.

Fiat Margins goes into The GlobaMid PorTex empowered to provide Well-Being Benefits to the Token Holders in the best way possible.

MultiDcurrents are issued to Token Holders through The WholoMid to acquire Well-Being Support and Genius Enhancements. So for every unit of fiat margin or other values storages an amount of Currents are issued roughly equal to in purchase power of the margin amount.

The Currents value increases as it is decentralized.

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Wholonomics Univerality (University) – Wholonomic Colleges Offer a 4 year graduate training in Geniusology.

Develop the Genispedia and Nouspedia

We comprehensively test  and make available every kind of well-being and intelligence tools to all IperDtoken Holders. This is what the Globamid implements with margin funds.

We make tests available to assess every kind of intelligence and scale it and track it. Coherogen Tokens and Currents are used to balance accounts. 

Open every option, open all the fields of Genius, a genius delivery system using MultiDcurrents focused through Dimension Zero.

As a scientific service we begin by assessing the ground of intelligences the Token Holder has realized.

The scale ranges from the most idiotic dysfunctional to the greatest geniuses in the type category of Genius mastery amazingness. From 25 to 1000 in a logarithmic curve. 1000 is the highest limit 990 to 1000 is equal to 800 to 900.

For example:

       Verbal – Literary – Poetry Intelligence

  •               Rumi – 935
  •              Shakespeare – 920
  •                 S. Elliot – 760
  •               Hopkins – 740
  •               Average graduate – 650
  •               Published – 670

We can measure everything using supersensonic tools. A book to a movie to an invention. An absolute frequency scale for Intelligence.

Basic intelligence in the category or type is rated 500. The goal is to raise every type to at least 700 for the category.

Certain accomplishments or relative fitness or capability are used to measure. We issue Coherogen Tokens for each category including prizes and contests. The measurement module is an aspect of the value.

Wholonomic CoHeroGen (WoloMid) is rooted and grounded in providing Value through Genius enhancements.

These can be hacks to jump levels. You increase rating by doing actions and being assessed as to intelligence demonstration.

The Coherogen issues intelligence currents in exchange for wholocurrents.

For example:

  • Being part of an art show at a gallery in New York raises your Art Quotient by 5 points.
  • Selling a piece another 5 points
  • Number of pieces increases
  • styles
  • medias  
  • 2D and 3D
  • writing on art and published – +5 point,
  • Rendering objects, +5
  • Energy
  • Persistence
  • Some manifesto basis for the art + 10

Category Set 1




       Fluidity of Mind and Being


       Capacity for Fixed Attention


Merging of the Three Minds into an Illuminated Mind

Category Set 2







       Sensitive to others



       Fixing things


Buddhic Awareness

  •        Empathy
  •        Lovingness
  •        Self Centerness



              2 D

              3 D







Category Set 3




Team Genius Score – What are the characteristics

Civilizational Intelligence Level

       Compare according to what increases the intelligence type and what decreases it.

Qualities of Genius

 Genius across spectrums, levels, categories, manifestations.



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The quality of wholeness or oneness that is achieved through the effective use of the elements and principles of design. A totality that combines all of its parts into one complete, cohesive whole.
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