Wholonomic PorTexes

Wholonomics is grounded in Civilization Innovation including technical, scientific, artistic, social and economic innovation.

Wholonomics has 27 unique PorTexes each raising $81,890,000 through 12 Revaluation Rounds.

These raises will be used to prototype and implement the PorTex protocols.

We are raising $2,211,030,000 through issuing Utilitokens and Currents to develop the underlying projects.

GCO GiftCurrent Offer Initially distributes to Ultilitoken Holders 10,000,000 out of 1,000,000,000 Utilitokens to each of the 27 PorTexes or a total distributed 270,000,000 Utilitokens out of 27,000,000,000 issued.

This seeds the PorTex and starts up the underlying PorTex design teams.

The fiat exchange value is structured to double every raise round as the PorTex Projects activate and become implemented.

PorTex Crypto Provenance



A Portex was originally a British cipher (crypto) machine.

Mainly used by the British secret services from the late 1940s to early 1950s, the civil version was generally black and used eight rotors.

Here PorTexes are “CrypTOken CoheroGen Machines”.

The rotor concept is about linking and smart-railing aligned teams, blogs, training, projects, communications….to connect together in a corrected pattern.

So we can decode solutions.

Wholonomic PorTexes are Portal Vortex Catalysts and Containers for Actuating Token Keysets and Current Keysets.

Dimension Zero is the Portex archetype.

Humanitys PorTex Benefits

Open Source Wealth without scarcity.

PorTex founding of sustainable transvolutionary projects.

Reduced competition and predatory behaviors by shifting the foundations of human contact and contracts.

Optimizing flows of wealth across the planet at local and global levels through right distribution of value and values.

Incentives for people to focus on meaningful activities and sharing useful products and services with lessened negative social and environmental impacts.

70% deactivation of consumer market’s useless products pushed through illusionary marketing.

Intro to Wholonomics

Portex 0 – Wholonomic Living EcoChange

Integrating Portexes into operational unities.

Portex 1 – Sovereign Placeholders and Currents

Keyset 1 IperDtokens – Hyper Dimensional eXchange-Link Liberation – HD..XL.. Platform and alt-IDentity  10 Dimensional Tokenholders

Keyset  2  Multi Dimensional-eXchange Liberation MD..XL.. Distribution Platform for MultiDcurrents including, Giftcurrents, Collabracurrents, Milaurums and other Currentsets.

Bulk edit and publish millions of products and services, see “Shop” disbursing margin through IperDtoken HD..XL.. as CoHeroGen Giftcurrents.

Launch all the Portex’es unique Tokensets and Currentsets. 

Portex 2 – Solamid

The name has to be connectable on a personal level. Going back to what we all share, the Sun and Soul. So Solamids. A “Stablecoin”, the Base Unit of Account for calibration of:

Reserve Notes

Scales Valuation Co-efficient
Wholoteam Collabracurrents
other Portex Issues

Solamids are not a Commodity or a Currency, but a Stable Measure of Worth. They do not circulate but rather hold place for the value of the Currents so they can freely circulate.The various kinds of currents are measured by it. This is the foundation of a beneficent exchange system.

Only one Value Reserve, electrical energy is universally produced and consumed with the scale and resolution to valuate the full scope and implications of any human endeavor.

We already measure electrical (currents) flow in tremendous detail and is already central to every economy and almost every process. 

Solamids are valued as a platform unit to link all Currents and Tokens into an integrated valuing structure

Solamids are elemental, timeless and universal. A Solamid is the same value representing the same potential now as centuries ago or  centuries in the future. Fiat and crypto currencies lack this qualifying quality.

Solamids can be a huge step forward in stabilizing and rationalizing the economic process at every level. Financial Stability is a key factor in our Civilizational pivot.

Solamids form bedrock rational measurements allowing accurate and stable valuations. Fluid Functionality to represent any scale of asset or transaction. – Sola’Reserves will emerge from this platform.

Blocks speculation on Commonwealth Worth.

Portex 3 Scales of Value Tokensets

Balance Beams with two main rating measurements. 

Keyset 1 HoloScale Tokens  –  Environmental Values

Keyset 2 WoloScale Tokens –  Social and Subjective Values

A natural crowdsourcing redistributing of responsibility by assessing scales of inner and outer costs for all products and their creative processes and including this into the pricing mechanisms.

Costs formerly passed to the environment and the human psychic dimension accounted for in all production and included in the Currents Cost.

Moral and economic incentives align in greater harmony.

We design a coherent operational tokenized space where economic/well-being contradictions disappear. Where Life Capital consumption is fundamentally included.

Portex 4 – Co-efficient Reputokens

A record of underlying social assets, like trust resultant from interactions between people. We generate Reputokens in order to build Reputation Currents.

Co-efficient value benefits go up as Reputoken value increases or as it decreases as damaged, forming an opening or closing of opportunity.

This is not similar at all to impositional statist schemes presently the rage. This coefficient is rather determined by reflective crowd valuation.

Portex 5 Dimension Zero Tokenholders

Each Zero Sources the Whole in their own way, a Source Point from where WholoCurrents flow.

This Tokenset is The Holopex of the Wholomid, the Source Identity for WholoCurrent Inflow.

Portex 6 Reserves and Reserve Currents 

Due diligence, mint, Introduce and monitor the distribution and redeeming of Commodity Reserve Notes, Innerprise Reserve Notes and Transtructural Reserve Notes issued through CoXexus NetsWorth Teams. They are validated through the Human and AI Holo’Trusts.  This is for the purpose of tokenizing into acceptable notes for creating more trading and buy/sell liquidity in local communities. Included here are commodities, assets, R&D  projects and infrastructure development

Portex 7  HoloNotes and ChronoCurrents

A  time-based Current   Service Currents

A Holo’Note equals a Solamid Denominated Result of Service.

 ColabraCurrents and HoloNotes are gig valued depending on complexity and skill and circumstances.  

Portex 8  CoHeroGen WoLomid EduCurrents

Inner Wholomid where Potential and possibility are Wealth Mapped.  Applied Genius for the Well-being  of The Individual Good across scale.

Wholonomics Universality Schools of Wolonomics

Leaders of Possibility are the Drivers of The New Wealth.

Portex  9  WholoDapp.exchange

OmniExtendable NousRing and Ring Wallets – Ringlets and Awe.cards.

Includes all Tokens, Currents and Exchanges and Reserve Generators , CoXexus NetsWorth Value Verification Services. Buy and sell directly anything.

IperD Disbursements are automatically adjusted and credited. Instant transfer of value anywhere in a liquid form.

Portex 10  Clearinghome Sovereign Accounting

A Mutual Exchange Clearinghome meaning decentralized, to clear and transfer Currents and Reserves.

Portex 11 Wealthwork NetsWorth

Exponential Common Wealth Generation

Portex 12 WholoShip Member Movement  

Call to Act and Create. The creative work that includes us and everyone. Participation Invitation – Coalesce  Wholo’Teams. Implement Formulas of contribution. Creative Service Generation.

Portex 13 Transployment Solution Currents

We have passing beyond an age of scarcity and austerity. The challenge is not about solving problems of want, but building a sustainable possibility-based future that liberates us through Universal Enoughness.

Portex 15  Wealth Scalarization

Wealth shared as empowered capacity across scale. Compare with Pyracapstoneization.

Portex 16  Seeding Locamid Cells

Setting up Transvolution strategy centers. They can be founded anywhere under any condition. Homes, back of stores, caves, offices, prisons, anywhere.

These tie in and link up with larger hubs for distributing Locamid Currents.

Locamids are nodal points for empowered alignments in Action and Result. Events, training, exchanges get-togethers, etc included.

Portex 16Globamid of Cohesion

Tokens of Shared Purpose. Sum of all Locamids and regional Wholomids. Through the Globamid the Holomid Shop margins are converted into Giftcurrent Wealth.

Portal 18 I (E)-Vote Wholotics (Politics of Wholeness)

Includes scale values and reputoken i-voting as well as governance policies. Creating change team Leaders to administrate I-Vote Will.

Portex 19 Identity

Evolving a clear, positive and coherent identity for all Dimensions of Wholonomics so people internalize its context. Identity Tokens receive benefit Currents.

Portex 20 CoXexus NetsWorth

CoXexus Reserve and Trade Token Issues. CoXexus Currents

Administrates Reserve Exchange flow functions.

Connexteams are formed to facilitate Reserve Token and Current Generation and for large transactions.

Portex 21 HoloTrust Escrow NetsWorth

Uses Human and AI smartchain technology to vet and prove up and issue Reserve Notes and referee large buy and sell transactions. 

Portex 22 Creator Celebration Currents – CCC

New Culture, dance, music, stories, gatherings, going on the road Visionary ExpressionsBase 12 Arithmetic and Geometry Designs

Microventure Gigitalism CPAGE – Cost Per Attention Gifting Exchange used to fund all manner of creative projects

Portex 23  Paradigm Power Currents

Reflecting on paradigms is the basis of change. Changing Paradigms is the most fundamental and powerful changing of course we can make.

To change the course of culture our main power lies paradigm shifts, our greatest power. Shifting our mindset can go to the crux of any problem.

Nonviolent, effective and not stoppable, our greatest untapped answer to be free is free.

Understanding the Wholonomic Paradigm and the nature of the Pyranomic Paradigm by issuing Paradigm Power Currents to amplify the overall Wholonomic implementation.

Portex 24  Pyranomic Deconstruction – Pyracoins

Multiple channel presentations on economics as a religion, false science, control grid, etc. Creative Project Publication and Distribution Coins

Portex 25 – Wholo’Team Smartcurrent –  CollabraCurrents

Token Team Keysets – Wolo’Teams, Holo’Teams, Sola’Teams, Loca’Teams, Globa’Teams

Complete development of the most advanced team methodologies anywhere. Currents purpose is to create cohesion within the groups and teams.

Functional PorTex Keysets
Team Keyset 1 Communications
Team Keyset 2 Creative Production
Team Keyset 3 Media Productions Complete set-up with Completed Presentations:
Team Keyset 4 Security and Encryption
Team Keyset 5 Marketing Machine Bringing resources and capability to all the Portexes. Viral, Traffic, Articles, List building, Funnels, Commitment Scaling Create and Launch.
Wholoteam Keyset 6 Alt Finance Solutions

Portex 26 Prototyping Civilization

 Wholonomics by shifting the paradigm of economics is a functional Transvolution  of Civilization.. Wholonomics activate fresh meanings that can function now.  

Portex 27 Ending WWZero – WW0

Earth Citizen Resolution Emergency Initiative Preventing World War IV

The People Finally Win World War Zero