Project Plan-it Green Civilization 3.0 Token Set

Project Plan-it Green Civilization 3.0 Token Set

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100% of all startup fuel goes to Launch Wholonomics. All records will be transparent and available to contributors.

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Project Plan-it Green Token Set

Project Plan-it Green will be an ultimate source of project plans and support to make green, secure and self-sufficient for you and your family and your community.

Prototyping ProjectPlan-it Green will be around $20,000 exchanged for 1,000,000 Plan-it Green ProtoTokens,100X  issue.

Plan-it Green provide programs that can help the homeowner and other markets to afford green energy and become energy independent and help others to do the same. There is a huge hungry market that is not being adequately evolutionarily served.

Sustainability is a huge multi billion yearly market with myriad opportunities. Everyone needs energy to power their home, boat, business and RV appliances making this target market a majority percentage of the population.

Many want to do good for the environment but do not believe they can afford to or they have not realized what they can do. Third world buyers are interested for the opportunities they have to create their own business and to become energy self-sufficient for an affordable price. Even for free if they help others and get theirs for free.

Project Plan-iTokens price to be determined.

The backstory of the idea is interesting. Once this story is told, everything will be legitimized by it.

Be part of this global movement. Part of the big picture. Get involved. This is novel with verified evidence.

Our program is moving away from the current standard to a new way of doing things.

This program is important because of the economic uncertainties. Money tighter, energy costs are going up. There could be disruptions of supply. Credit  tighter. Here you get a huge return. Average over 50% a year return. Figure your energy bill for a year. Say 200 month or 2400 year or 4800 for two years. That is your approximate cost for your own complete system. Total. Not 20K. So you have made 15K. Not bad for a few days of fun education. When you are the expert, you are empowered.

People know that they have to do something to help protect the environment.  People are seeking out new options. Concern over the environment are driving demand. Here is a practical way.

We flatten the traditional business model. You do not need someone to do it for you anymore. We give you the knowledge you need. In this age of do it yourself you are on the forefront. We are shifting the model of an entire industry. In electronics change is rapid and constant. This rate of change is entering the energy industry. You can be freed up for a lot less. Imagine how the price of computers have dropped every year. We can collectively be fully sufficient in 9 years.

We help any person become energy independent at a cost they could afford. We will test and retest everything to provide the better and better guides and videos on the planet.

Homeowners who are dissatisfied with solar installation costs our plans are a solution. We are confident we have the solution for you. Unlike the high costs we can save you thousands and we show you how to reduce your energy footprint all around. We are committed to giving everyone a chance to achieve energy freedom and to show how going green can make you money.

The information is now available to become energy free at a fraction of the cost you thought you needed to pay. One of the biggest issues is that established companies are making it unaffordable for most of us. We have changed that.

  • Forecast the trends. Identify important developments—both in your market and beyond. Becoming energy independent and knowledgeable is going to become more and more important and sought after when people realize they can achieve this right now in what ever their outer circumstances. If you can’t afford even this way we show you how you can help others to achieve energy independence and get your systems for free.
  • Talk about the impact of these developments on costs and customer demand.Explain how these trends have briefly opened a market window.
  • As a “green worker” you can find opportunities everywhere. When you know how others will turn to you for help. Clearly show them you understand the problem Show them so much proof that they can’t possibly doubt what you have to say. Show features and benefits of our offer.Create overwhelming reasons.

You are empowered by green power to take it anywhere. This knowledge can be of great value to you in helping others to save money. Churches, schools. Make them for the members or your parents

You get in 7 parts

  • The Easy Guide To Solar & Wind Power
  • Convert Your Whole Home to Clean Energy
  • Get Government Rebates pay for Your Home Conversion
  • Learn To Save On everything you need to become energy self-sufficient
  • Step-By-Step detailed instructional Videos
  • Full access to our Video Library
  • Build Your Own Wind Turbine We usually sell this separately but are including it in this offer for free
  • Email and other support

Plan-it Green will be very easy to implement

We are taking everything we could find and improved upon it for the best program on the planet. you will have more knowledge about these things than anyone else around you.

By making extra components you can sell them to your neighbors or advertise as we show you how so you could get your whole system for virtually free, just some investment of your or someone else’s time.

The result will be the easiest and best Guide to Plan-it Green on the planet!

Step-by-step instructions will include

  • illustrations,
  • wiring diagrams,
  • everything you need to know where to source the parts
  • how to put everything together quickly and effectively.

By the time you are finished you will have all of the knowledge you need to build solar panels and wind turbines that look professional, and more importantly produce free energy for years to come!

You do not need experience with solar or wind power to accomplish what our guides teach. You don’t even need to know what alternative energy is. When we created our guides we made them so easy to follow that you could give them to a 10 year old child and expect them to be able to create a solar panel, to build a wind turbine, and even to build the components for a whole home solution!

To show everyone just how easy it was to go green and save, we had the site manager create the first month of Green Power Easy TV. We did this for one simple reason. Our site manager is a freelance writer and web designer who’s never built a solar panel. Using the go Green now guides, not only was he able to build a working 100 Watt solar panel, but he was able to create, a one hour +, instructional video series at the same time.


Otherwise you can keep paying the electrical companies with rising costs and possible disruption of supply or pay 15 to 20 thousand dollars to have a solar company do the installation with their professional fees and retail costs or you can use the guerrilla green approach. You could easily spend $20,000 on a new Solar or Wind power system and thousand more on new more efficient appliances. This would quickly cut your energy usage and your carbon footprint but don’t spend it if you don’t have to. Use it to enjoy life.


We show you how to achieve the exact same end results of full energy independence by Going Green on a Budget. Thousands of people have found ways to cut their energy usage and have a better impact on the earth’s eco system by building renewable energy power systems– and have done it without spending too much money.


Our entire program can save thousands and thousands of dollars in costs and future energy bills providing the detailed understanding you need to understand the nut and bolts of the home energy field.

This program is available today for X Tokens.

What you get in 7 parts

  • The Guide To Solar & Wind Power
  • Convert Your Whole Home
  • Get Government Rebates pay for Your Home Conversion Guide
  • Learn To Save On everything you need to become energy self-sufficient
  • Step-By-Step detailed instructional Videos
  • Full access to our Video Library
  • Build Your Own Wind Turbine We usually sell this separately but are including it in this offer for free
  • 60 days of email support

Mail you everything on a DVD Plan-it Green Modules including other valuable bonuses or is downloadable.

  • Battery renewal plans
  • Greenhouse plans
  • Water purification plans
  • Electric car plans

Biofuel plans Make Your Own BioDiesel

Be ready to eliminate your power and bills!

Train others in neighborhood a energy freedom barn raising. Everyone can do their part getting the parts, make food, do the building. In a matter of weeks you and your neighbor can be on your way to energy freedom.

Did you know that our planets renewable energy production is only 6.1% of the total production? This means that 93.90% of our planets energy production is NOT from renewable sources.

One of the biggest issues is that established companies are making it unaffordable for most of us. We have changed that.

Do you really want to sit back and be a part of the problem?

There is something you can do and you can get started in just a few minutes from now. The answer is solar and wind power. These 2 renewable energy sources only count for .2% of energy production.

Why is solar and wind energy so underused? Because people think it’s too expensive to setup. This is simply not true any more at all!

Solar and wind generator costs only a few hundred dollars each to setup saving money every day.

Is It Really Possible?

– Build Solar & Wind Power for Under $200
– Cut Your Energy Bills with 5 Simple Steps
– Reduce Your Carbon Foot 20% by Next Weekend

Like anything in life there are expensive quick fixes to almost any problem. You could easily spend $20,000 on a new Solar or Wind power system or spend $5,000 on new more efficient appliances. This would quickly cut your energy usage and your carbon footprint but Most people don’t have that kind of money to throw down.

But there is also a way to achieve the same end result by Going Green on a Budget. Thousands of people have found ways to cut their energy usage, build renewable energy power and have a lesser impact on the earth’s eco system – and have done it without spending much money.

What if you aren’t a do-it-yourselfer? What if you haven’t take on this type of project before? Well then you’ve come to the right place. Green Power Easy was designed for the person who has never taken on a project like this. If you have some experience in doing it yourself, so much the better. Or if you have an experienced buddy you would want to lend a hand so much the better.

Project Plan-it Green comes in 7 parts. Video series and guide to vertical axis wind turbines. As a Token Member, you get all of the following

Membership into Plan-It Green

Part 1 – The Easy Guide To Solar & Wind Power

The manual in your Plan-it Green package covers everything you need to know to learn about alternative energy.

Whether you build a single solar panel or wind turbine or to convert your entire home, our guide teaches everything you need to know!

You will learn:

  1. All About Alternative Energy: you an overview of the current alternative energy market, and covers how you can take advantage of solar & wind power.
  2. How To Reduce Your Energy Needs Now: you will learn all about inexpensive ways you can reduce your energy needs now. This will save you money on power today and it will make the overall cost of your green power system cheaper.
  3. How To Build Solar Panels From Start To Finish: we’ll show you how to build your own solar panels. The instruction is laid out in a clear, concise manner and it makes the topic so simple that anyone can build a solar panel at home.
  4. How To Build A Complete Working, Wind Turbine: our guide also gives the most complete instruction on wind power that you can find anywhere. You’ll get complete start-to-finish instruction to build your own wind turbine.
  5. How To Wire Your Alternative Energy Solution: Finally, our guide covers five separate ways to wire it to make the most of the free energy you produce for years to come.

Part 2 – Converting Your Whole Home
Building Solar Panels and Wind Turbines is one thing, actually eliminating your power bill is another. This guide is your key to designing an alternative energy solution to fit your whole home.

You will learn:

  1. How to calculate your current energy needs…
  2. How to use those calculations to design your alternative energy solution…
  3. 6 Steps to Ensure Your Green Power System works for your needs…
  4. How to calculate energy storage needs…
  5. How to design a storage system.

By the time you are finished you’ll be ready to get off the grid.

Your key to understanding your energy use now, working to reduce it and building a power solution to fit.

Provides instruction on alternative energy. It lays out everything you need to know in a simple step-by-step method that takes the complicated ideas out of the picture.

Get Government Rebates For Your Home Conversion

Take advantage of the green rebates available from federal, state, and local governments. The push towards alternative energy is prompting many governments to reward those who make use of solar and wind power. Your Plan-it Green Rebate Guide will teach you how to take advantage of those rebates.

The rebates guide will teach you how to take advantage of federal, state and local tax rebates to reduce the cost of your green power solution.

With the rebates guide you’ll learn how you can reduce the costs of your projects even further. In some locations these rebates can mean a 70% reduction in the cost of your home conversion.

Includes information on:

  1. US Federal, State, and Local Rebates.
  2. Canadian Federal, Provincial Rebates
  3. Information for Australian and UK Member and info for other countries
  4. Rebate Forms For The US & Canada…

You will know how to convert your home for the least amount possible!

Learn To Save On Parts For Your Projects

Part of enabling you to build your solar panels and wind turbines at prices anyone can afford is to ensure that you know where to source the parts. With the Plan-it Green Easy Ordering Guide you’ll learn just that.


  1. How to get enough solar cells to build a panel for less that $25!
  2. How to get a turbine generator capable of producing 400W for less than $40
  3. Where to get batteries for power storage for less than $5.
  4. Includes links to buy your parts online, and gives instruction on how to find many of them locally

Getting the parts at an affordable price matters. Our Part Ordering Guide, enables you to find all of the parts you need at prices anyone can afford. This guide will help you find everything you need for less.

You will be able to order the parts you need at a price you can afford!

Step-By-Step Solar Panel Videos

Plan-it Green Solar Power Videos our video series on building solar panels. Complete video series that covers solar. you’ll get step-by-step instruction on how to build your own solar panel. Watch as it’s done.

The video series shows it being built split into sections that logically follow the project from start to finish, watch as a complete solar panel is built, getting many additional tips along the way.

You’ll learn the benefits to choosing different types of parts for your panels, and you’ll learn how you can reduce the cost of the panel that was built in this video by half.

Watch the solar panel videos online, or download  for later viewing on your PC. We’ve even provided a high resolution version of the videos for easy burning to DVD.

Video Library

You’ll get access to our bonus video section. This section of the member’s area gives you real examples of how others are using green power in their homes.

The energy market is constantly expanding and growing. For that reason we also include a library of videos that is constantly expanding and growing right along with it. These additional videos will help you to take your knowledge further, and they’ll show you real examples of how others have built their own alternative energy solutions.

In this series you will:

  1. See How Others Are Using Plan-it Green
  2. Watch Real Examples Of DIY Solar and Wind Power
  3. See Alternative Blade Configurations for Low-Wind Areas
  4. See Examples Of Vertical Axis Wind Turbines
  5. See Examples of Battery Banks for Power Storage

This additional collection of videos is included in your membership,
and as a Plan-it Green member we will inform you when we update the library. The video library itself includes a collection of
videos created by us and by others.

With these additional videos you’ll ensure that you are able to stay on top of things as new ideas and new DIY methods arise. With this final element to your membership, there is no question that we provide the most complete DIY energy guide available anywhere!

Build Your Own Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

We’re including our vertical axis wind turbine guide with your Token Purchase.

In this guide you’ll learn how to build a vertical axis turbine (VAWT) from start to finish. This type of turbine is more suitable for those who live in cities or who live in areas where wind speeds don’t exceed 15 MPH. In fact, with two of the designs included you can expect to produce wind power even in a light breeze.

In the guide Vertical Axis Wind Turbines Revealed, you’ll learn:

What Is A Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

  1. Why You Would Choose This Over A More Traditional Turbine
  2. How To Build A Frame To House Your Generator & Blades
  3. Three Different Blade Designs
  4. Special Design Considerations and More…

With this additional Plan-it Green eBook, you will get the most complete instruction available to teach you how to build wind turbines. You’ll
learn just how easy it is to take advantage of wind power, and when you combine this with our main guide you’ll have the knowledge
needed to choose the wind power solution that is right for you!

You will have a clear understanding of how to build
the designs included
, and how you can modify those designs to suit your specific location.

With Vertical Axis Wind Turbines Revealed, you will have the most complete guide to DIY alternative.

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Wholonomics is not a static flash of genius. There are market forces driving the idea. We are taking advantage of a brief market window that has opened.

The brain pays attention to things that are in motion, you paint a picture of the idea moving out of an old market into a new one. Doing it this way, you don’t trigger change blindness, which would make this easy to neglect.

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