Addressing our distraction addiction

Here is my simple 5 step process to address our chronic distraction addictions by engaging with the Collective Emergency through Wholonomics.

One – Notice. Stop being hindered by distractions or preoccupation. Be willing to change your behavior out of your comfort zone. This grows motivation. Only radical social change and profound spiritual transformation can save us now.

Two – Classify conditions as an emergency, recognize what is really going on. Do not be hindered by pluralistic ignorance that is when a group of people do not notice an emergency or Emergence because those around them are simultaneously not noticing or reacting: it is thus assumed there is no emergency.

Three – Take responsibility for our condition. Honor your situation by acting more inclusively.

Four – Find what you can and will do by reflecting on and seeding these Wholonomic Portals.

Five – Do it. Even after taking responsibility and knowing what to do, it is possible you will not help due to social inhibition. This is where the social context, or social norms, prevent or dissuade you helping in this situation. Find whatever ways you can to overcome them and create movement. Remember positive action creates opportunity. Those are multiplied when we join up together.

Communicating with others about Wholonomics, making others aware that we can have a different kind of momentum and then enlisting their alignment. The more people understand what is going on together, more we can be responsible, the more people brainstorm to avoid global ecosocial collapse, the more urgency is generated. We need to know we are part of something bigger, something rooted in The Real.

This is why you and we have to intervene. Along with thousands more.

Talk to others now. Get on the radio, create videos. Our magic number is 5%. Take steps towards creating a world with the qualities’ of Wholeness as its roots or however you understand this.

As Cooperatively Aligned Intelligence we can together try many options at once. Take many steps together.

Humanity has accumulated vast stagnant pools of blocked energies that Pyrasites feed off of and feed into. These pools suppress our good intentions. Wholonomic systems can bring circulation to this inertia. And as this happens, the stagnant pools of blocked energies will shrink and release more Human Potential into expression.

Our greatest danger comes from the way we think, and act. As we find ways to take care of each other, in new ways we can be released. 

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