WholoTeams and Holoships Notes


  1.  Form Group Teams
  1.  Choose Group Theme
  1.  Action-Result Tokens
  • Manifeststream Token Chanel Result Processes. First unit of challenge.
  • Manifeststreams are composed of sub manifeststreams that attainable – reasonable.
  • Sub-manifestation streams fit individual strengths, comfort level, time and expertise.
  1.  Invite Holo’Ship Contribution – Token units per result to be determined.

Specific responsibilities are assumed.

 Have a Plan

 Share the Value of the Wholoteam


  • Worthless are plans if not put into practice.
  • Schedule recruitment and retention activities continuously.
  • Specific person charged with coordinating team members.

 Evaluate and Adjust Accordingly

  • Continuously seek feedback from team members on issues as:
    – How new team members recruited
    – How new members acclimate
    – members active
  • Evaluations are done through formal surveys and nformal communication that is systematic, recorded,  used to adjust and improve Action-Result Token circulation

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