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“When a great innovation appears, it will almost certainly be in a muddled, incomplete, and confusing form … for any speculation, which does not at first glance look crazy, there is no hope.”

Freeman Dyson, Disturbing the Universe

An epiphany is a sudden manifestation or perception of the essential nature or meaning of something or an intuitive grasp of reality, usually simple and striking.

  • All forces involve a continuous input of energy from the local vacuum flux regardless of whether motion results or not.
  • The work function is a simplification based on a superficial perspective disregarding the reality of the energetic vacuum.  The work function is valid when material systems are in dynamic equilibrium with Zero Point Shakti.
  • All material systems have sustaining forces and consequently require continuous energy flow.

This energy flow can be tapped for art expression.

Material Space is nearly Transparent to Zero Point Potential

  • Localized effects are gravity, inertia and atomic and molecular bonding.  Properties of Material Space are directly attributable to its atomic and nuclear structure pulsed from the energetic vacuum of space.
  • Material Space is held together by the impelling pressure of the Zero Point Shakti acting at the molecular and macro scale.
  • Original primal Avidya (separation-ignorance) constitute Base Casimir-Columb drops.

Holo’Space takes the random energies of light and dimensionally reorganizes them in such a way to polarize and bring coherence to the force fields of the body-mind.

Coherence, is when the otherwise random zero-point energy of the quantum-zero vacuum is induced to become organized in a defined region of space so as to produce net effects. Spinning with a duration isotropic to matter can be used to power a load, or provide field effects for propulsion and work without a material reaction medium. Control of gravity and Inertial forces are consequently possible. Coherence can be challenging to produce because of the transient, non-equilibrium, non-linear conditions that must be set up between the material system and the energetic vacuum flux. Art is uniquely qualified to explore this realm.

Scalar Wave Resonance

  • Research has shown that genetic information is not contained in DNA strands. DNA and RNA molecules generate optical holograms in resonance with and driven by specific frequencies generated by the universal standing scalar wave. This is intelligence Itself. Every living cell and groups resonantly receive coded signal triggers from universal scalar wave nodes necessary for biochemical processes such as protein synthesis coordinating.
  • Concerning resonance and the harmonics, when you strike a note, all the strings tuned vibrate. These coded signals strike such chords in our Being and bodies all the time.

Coherent Spontaneity

  • There is only coherence in creation. There is only spontaneity in creation. All creation is completely coherent and completely spontaneous. They are fundamentally unified as expressions of the Absolute within the Absolute. When Consciousness and Desire are set in Motion, Creation as Creative Intent is expressed across the Whole Scale of Creation. There is only unified-polarity.

Shakti Space Properties

  • Shakti Space compressed, translated or otherwise organized in any way in respect to the Material Space exhibits virtual properties.
    • Gives to Art
      • Density
      • Momentum
      • Elasticity
      • Coherent field Stiffness
      • Subjective Space Syntropic and Negentropic Re-organization

Holo’Space Qubism – Manifesto about Space is The Art 

Art as an Idea

Through history there have been but few new art ideas, ideas that carry the power of soul activation.

Most ideas relate to sourcing art from alternative fields; thermodynamics, politics, information theory, computer technology… These metaphoric descriptions effect our understanding of Being. They can distort and deactivate Divine Activation. The idea of Art as Life Engineering Consciousness does not come from another field but emerges directly from the heart of the art itself. They transmit talismanic energy. Art can transfuse across scale.

If modern science is the engine driving the creation of a sacred disorder that is planetary in scope, art is its reflective medium. Since the scientific revolution the course of art has spiraled into its own devolution of disassociation and devaluation of any clear, socially coherent vision.

Modernist and post-modernist art side by side with a pop-culture relentlessly descends into ever-greater depths of vulgarity, vividly mirroring the schizophrenic loss of the sacred view.

Degeneration of values are based on the idea that art and science are separate disciplines and value systems. In a whole system or sacred view this is not the case – science as knowing and art as doing are mutually interactive.

The evolutionary pendulum is swinging. The reversal of world values toward the Earth as sacred Source-created will not be halted. A dialectic higher than materialism, a cosmic evolutionary dialectic operates by principles of self-transcendence.

New Space changes our Dreams and Subjective reality

  • New realizations of Space penetrates into the psyche, changes our dreams and subjective reality.
  • New space and new geometry express new beauty.
  • Our historic geometries of space are inadequate to express our contemporary experience.
    • From the Flat space of the Ancients
    • To the Empty rigid space of the renaissance
    • To the Field Filled aggressive space of 20th century
    • To the holo’linked space of modern media. We connect all places at once.
    • To the space of Coherent Source

 New Space realities become part of human consciousness when there is a change in a fundamental canon. Canons of Space

  • Space and Form are inseparable. Buddhist and Cubism
  • Space has 4 or more dimensions. Hyperspace.
  • Space is a fractal of a dimension. Fractal shapes are iterative, a repeating feedback action loop. Shapes are defined by iteration, repeating an equation in a feedback loop over and over again.
  • Space is infinite potential.
  • Space is the vessel for all realms of existence.
  • Space is curved rather than flat
  • Space has all possible properties
  • Space is non-dual
  • Space simultaneously interpenetrates multiple dimensions.
  • Space extends as different realms of existence.
  • Space has various domains. Subjective, material, zero point, coherent.
  • Space and fundamental principles are the same

 Art Manifestos of the 20th century

The first art manifesto of the 20th century was introduced with the Futurists in Italy in 1909 and readily taken up by the Vorticists, Dadaists and the Surrealists after them.

The period up to World War II created what are still the best known manifestos. Although they never stopped being issued, other media such as the growth of broadcasting tended to sideline such declarations. Due to the internet there has been a resurgence of the form, and many new manifestos have appeared.

  • Over the years, many pioneers have set out with great Manifestos. Here’a list of a few of the most interesting and famous Manifestos in recent history.
  • Russell Einstein Manifesto
    A great Manifesto which asked world leaders to consider other alternatives before nuclear weapons when dealing with world conflicts. “Think before you shoot” is a great way to sum up this thoughtful and timely declaration by Bertrand Russell and Albert Einstein.
  • John F. Kennedy’s Manifesto
    JFK’s manifesto from 1961. His manifesto of, “before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth.”
  • Julia Butterfly Hill’s Manifesto
    One of our personal favorites. Julia saved the life of a nearly 1000 year old Redwood in defense of the forest near the Mattole river on the coast of northern california.  Julia is an inspiration to activists and pioneers everywhere. Her work in the environmental movement is a high point for many advocates of direct-action and civil disobedience.
  • John Lennon’s Manifesto
    Controversial, and generally misunderstood, John Lennon’s work towards international peace still rings in the worldwide collective consciousness.
  • The Communist Manifesto
    Not nearly as dark as many would have you believe, this Manifesto was an important moment in history. Widely respected as one of the most prolific and controversial manifestos ever written.
  • The Student Democratic Society’s ‘Port Huron Statement’
    Written in 1962, the Port Huron Statement is often credited as an essential building block of 1960’s counterculture.
  • Banksy’s Manifesto
    Non-literal manifestoes.  seemlike an accident.
  • The Futurist Manifesto
    The Manifesto of the Italian poet F.T. Marinetti[/tag], published in 1909. This manifesto launched an artistic movement which battled against the laissez faire nature of Italian literature and society at the time. The futurist manifesto is regarded as one of the most relevant avante-garde writings.
  • The Surrealist Manifesto
    Conceived by french writer [tag]André Breton[/tag] in 1924, the surrealist manifesto helped to lead a movement as well. Surrealism is/was a nonconformist methodology which aimed to create art from the wells of the unconscious mind.
  • Shepard Fairey’s Manifesto
    Manifesto of artist / pop culture guru Shepard Fairey. This Manifesto includes all the best elements of a modern manifesto. It challenges the audience while making them question the entire point of the experiment in the first place.
  • That we see or operate through only three or four or five spatial dimensions doesn’t mean that’s all that exists or even that is what actually exists. There are many unseen ingredients to the universe. We do not include other dimensions because we have no direct relationship to them.
  • Since we identify within the 3 or 4 or 5 dimensions we seldom reflect on the possibility of an existence with an endless number of dimensional projections encoded into the nature of space itself.
  • Through an evolution of lower dimensional objects expressed through a higher dimensional space. art be projective dimensional space
  • All sorts of particles and living designs adhere on that dimensional surface forming the material lens.
  • Dimensional space allow an entirely new set of possibilities. Particles of perception confined to 3-dimensional surfaces as form moving through a dimension of time never venturing beyond that.
  • The viewer is accustomed to viewing an object of art within a framed space. They are not accustomed to viewing space that has no object. There is no thingness (‘thing’) to be viewed. Until the viewer becomes accustomed to viewing space itself they do not know what they are seeing and may miss what is really being experienced.
  • Holo Qubism from the convergence of Cubism, holo as in all information dispersed at every point and quabbalistics as the study of the Creator’s Original Design Science.
  • Holo’Dimensional Qubism shows how evolutionary order can emerge out of any kind of chaos. Life is inherently encoded to appear everywhere!
  • Hardwired into Existence!
  • Holo’Qubistic Art are exploration into the form of principle itself to reveal original oscillations of creative potency.
  • Frequency and vibration are of the realm of time-space-matter. Oscillations travel the substrate of the Real Space causal realm.
  • When the visual experience of holo’dimensionsality become part of our intuition our understanding will soar.
  • Gestalt parallel processing of time as form is Holo’Qubistic space.
  • Harmonic densification occurs when the syntropic negatropic fields increase geometrically releasing super harmonics appears through the viewers field of consciousness A reorganization of the psycho-synaptic membranes as a scalar across scale dimensional field.
  • Entropic energy goes towards disorder. The entropic dimension we live in the world. Syntropic means moving together. Negatropic means negative entropic arising energy field self-organizing towards an organizing higher order.
  • Samadhi and spontaneous healing is a condition where the higher dimensions reorganize the lower dimensions.
  • Through radical complexity lineal and non-linear coherence and spontaneity are maintained.
  • Essential nature express alchemical living presences and creative ecologies.
  • Appearance arises according to the complex conditions of resonance and harmonics.
  • Rooted as universal harmonic transware, transcendent to Material Space.
  • Transware building of harmonic information fields containers of potentialized creativity.
  • Everything is rooted through an universal harmonic transware.
  • The perceiver views the Holo’Dimensional Space from but one perceptive out of a nearly infinite number of perspectives
  • Holo’Dimensional Coherence Space answers the mystery of three-dimensional appearance of complexity and form and life. When Material space breaks potentialized symmetry of Real Space then the infinite but unexpressed can show its creative expression through multiplications of harmonic living resonance. Breaking Material Space shifts unity to interdependence, so Consciousness can Emerge.
  • Holo’Qubism completes Cubism as Form of Principle.
  • The “Q” relates to Quabbalistics, the Science of Principles of coherent creation, the Creator’s Original Design Science and creation. These are the Body of Source along with the principles of Creation such as the three universal Gunas. The path of involution of Soul and Evolution of Soul as Kundalini is its reflection as an Embodied Field .
  • Not Cabala, Qbala, Kabala, Qballah, etc.
  • This also relates to Qbits or quantum units of information transmitted from Metaverse Absolute Coherent Space to Subjective Space via the cellular cytoskeleton structure, the so-called Astral Fluid.
    Space is not Form. Vectorized Space is Form.
  • Principled oscillations are super-harmonics of freedom.
    Harmonic Complexity Space is dense, giving density to Space Itself mass and ecology appear. The very conditions of Space evolves.
  • Symmetry has held a special fascination to humanity for all time. Why is this?
  • Symmetry is pushed together through our inherent relationship to real space as real life, A localized coherence of random light
  • This why we are so attracted to symmetry it is a basic condition of life. Lets look at the types of symmetry first.

The resonance strength between a relationship and its supersymmetric relationships are closely aligned. Density of supersymetric information manifests real energy when grounded through a receiving viewer and an appearance of real mass through Psychic re-organization via syntropic harmonics expressing through the frame-view.

  • The realization of syntropic harmonics is an extension of symmetries associated with space and time. Harmonics Complexity is right at the root of the scaling of dimensions penetratingthe root at every point of existence. Pure potential is pure intelligence.
  • When potentialized harmonics break harmony it produces according its nature of the roots of unique space-regions a holoarchy of waveparticles seen as movement of form in space.
  • Holo’dimensionality provides a means to explore the nature of primordial existence.
  • Negentropic re-ordering of the potential field via the formation of dipolar resonance. The Dipole harmonic wavepairs of the super symmetry space is projected onto and through the surface space reordering the abstract potential. This then exhibits living qualities.
  • Real space is translated though Qubistic Arts
  • Separation of poles is an illusion. Polarities are Casimically impelled together via real space. The greater the harmonic density associated with the dipole so the virtual mass is induced.
  • Holo’Dimensional space organizes the random energies of the visible light spectrum to transmit syntropic energy (Coherence Space to Subjective Space) effects via color, textures, shapes and relationships. Visible light pulses are but a small portion of the open system of Creation.



  • Qubism sees the surface of the art as a projective frame or a window into a complex plane of 4 or more up to hundreds of dimensions. The super symmetry of the field is the low entropy and high order field of the space. Through various evolutionary processes the space is increased in dimensionality thus able to hold and render more and more harmonic resonance.
  • By maintaining the complex dimensional harmonic symmetry while breaking the symmetry relative to the surface of the art a flow of information of energy is liberated.
  • Light from a light source is emitting into the space/time material world but is conserving its symmetry in the higher complex dimension, i.e. it is absorbing an equal potential through the Zero Point Dimension.
  • This is a negative resistor effect and is a negentropic (explain) reordering of the surface to viewer space potential.
  • Holo’Qubism discovers and reveals what is prior. The surface of space.(quote on wall)
  • Holo’Dimensional Qubism embodies the surface as a frameless field and a projector of Space with dimensional properties.
  • Space Itself is the medium
  • The viewed surface is a projector of complex dimensional space. Building, breaking and evolving the space dimensionally, complex harmonic resonance is amplified. The flow of information potential
  • is conserved in the complex space but liberated through the surface projector. This activates the viewer
  • This is a negative resistor effect. It is a negentropic or syntropic reordering of the surface space potential. The dipole field of the complex space initiates harmonic densification. Energy organized is entropic decreased. Living systems do this and is the revelation of Life.
  • Entropy is the degree of disorder.
  • Syntropy is the stacking of order increasing meaning
  • Qubistic Art frames evolve through a continuumization of itself.
  • Such Art is Itself. It is not a symbol or rendering of something else. .
  • Ordering the field of potential initiates reordering harmonic wave pairs.
  • The binding of form is released through it’s Holo’Dimensional
  • Through Coherence Space self-similarity information is radiated.
  • Energy flow converges from complexity space and energy flow diverges from surface space. The harmonic resonant space relations are themselves dense “virtual” lifetronic fields. The nature of this art is to organize the randomized energies of the viewer giving rise to coherence phenomena including visionary insights. Psychic gravitational effect should be experienced, being a by-product of the coherence principal.
  • Field effect propulsion arises without a material reaction medium.
  • Image goes from Pure Sensation to Representation to Reorganization.
  • The organized perceptions via matter are InFormed by the vectorized coherence. The tendencies conserved in the matter organized perceptions are respactialized as the arising distribution of non-linear harmonic transients.
  • Life Emerges when the conditions are met.
  • Life is inherently manifests through Holo’Fractal densification.
  • Neural Expressions are organized and informed by dimensional space.
  • Qubism frames the frameless, is ingested harmonic psychoactive densification.
  • Relates to Quabbalistics as The Science of Principles
    • Coherent Template of Creation
    • No form is fundamental. Principled oscillations are fundamental super-harmonics of freedom.
  • For Holo’Dimensional Qubism the surface of the frame, the surface dimensions is frameless, a projection of a space with complexity properties, a space with dimensional properties.
  • The harmonic resonant space relations are themselves dense virtual lifetronic field potential. The greater the projection of dimensional space, the denser the harmonic mass.
  • Mass is condensed information. Dimensionality ethereally penetrates mass.
  • Harmonic Coherence Space embodies the sourcing of dimensionality itself. It exists through the scalar Real Space as synformation; syntropic information fields.
  • Energy emerges with Holo’Dimensional properties. Harmonic Coherence Space reveals how life emerges from space and is inherent to Space.Holo’Qubistic Form are forms of principle itself, with an unbounded syntropic alignment, a sort of cosmological information bonding.
  • Forms of principle itself reveal the original oscillations of creative potency. Principles are everywhere operative yet take up no material space. Space emerges from principle as principle.
  • Holo’Qubistic Art creates new thought. It creates new emotions. It adds to the repertoire of experience and represents a triumph over the raw data of sensation.
  • On initial viewing of Coherence Space, Space is viewed separately as linear sequences. Then there begins a remembering of the feel of everything at once. That we are in more than one space at once.
  • We are an intelligence designed to find and amplify the order that is found in the material realm.
  • Qubistic pieces are evolved using principles of evolution are holographically organized with self-similar properties across scale. This emergence reveals non-lineal fields of space and frame. What the viewer sees are not forms but emergent principles.
  • Frequency and vibration are the realm of time-space-energy-matter. Oscillations are transverse substrate of the Hyperdimensional Causal.
  • Principles being everywhere originally existing are the power basis of hyperspactial transverse potential. According to the nature of the receiver so the potential is actualized.
  • Holo’Qubistic pieces are evolved by evolving evolution holographic self-emerging principles. The projection converges lineal and non-lineal fields of space and frame. Projections of hyperdimensional perception.
  • The participant perceives not forms but Emergent Principle itself. The frame becomes a window of perception into Space that is becoming alive, that uses the energetics of the perception to emerge spontaneous living presence.
  • Real World Wormhole Vortexing are the confining particles and forces mediated by the fundamental vortex.
  • This does not apply to harmonics.
  • Harmonics exist in the full geometry of space. And can couple to any source of energy whether confined to the Material Space or not.
  • The harmonitron encompasses the full geometry of Coherence Space

Qubism makes Real Space and Coherence Space more Real to The artist and the scientist alike. Holo’Qubism creates evolutionary incarnations of creation.  They allow explorations to harmonic syntropic life

Hyper Classical Art

Hyper’Classical Qubism is the exploration and discovery of the form of principles, the Creator’s Original Design Science.

  • Expresses the beautiful, good and true. Ain Sophia Shekinah- Space of Wisdom-Presence
  • The Hyper’Classical Artist uses Tools of art to explore deep into science and philosophy to gain insight into the nature of Existence and Space and Potential to explore the nature of life and the nature of Creation.
  • Hyper’Classical Art is about awakening. This is a new energy source to source engineered via coherence. The Qubism Art extracts energy from the precipitation of Space
  • Ultimately Hyper’Classical Art is about rendering principle themself. Principals are coherence space and nature of space is principal. This is a new unity.

Hyper’Classical Artist root purpose is to bring original order to the material appearance of matter and mind.

  • The Hyper’Classical artist uses the tools of art in all ways to explore truth, life and creation.
  • The art is rendered to express alchemical living presences and creative ecologies.

Holodimensional Color

  • Holo’Dimensional Qubism can create colors that are holographic that is colors that are holographically rather than spectrally related. Colors condense spatially and manifest dimensionally and whole.
  • Colors of the material lens world are related as the spectrum; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet. All art has been basically spectral art, Colors are related spectrally.
  • Holo’Dimentional Art deconstructs Material Colors re-concentrating and redistributing them holographically. This is a chromoalchemial process.
  • The colors become related holo’dimensionally as they are combined and recombined through generating holo’dimensional space.
  • Holo’dimensional processes liberate the spectrum become spectral free colors related to the whole instead each other.
  • The color channels embed the holo’harmonics.
  • The Qubistic space rotate around multiple axes simultaneously embedded through holo’dimensional separated color fields
  • Information chromatically bound expresses space. We can see multiple spaces at once. Powerful creative energetics are released via multiple spaces
  • Viewer in more than one place there is no ground of past. Colors are rebound into their own space. Yellow is never seen as more yellow nor violet as violet.
  • Holo’dimensional space rotates and remains fixed while preserving harmonic integrity. Space projections do radical and irreversible non-linear changes to the figure as a whole. The form of the figure are retained in a topological continuity. The harmonics move through the air of the viewer.

The Surface of the Art

  • This is where the interface between Spaces happens
  • The surface of the art work is a projective window of space. The space can have any number of dimensions depending on the methods of the artist.
  • Originating artists and art movements have treated Surface and Space differently.
  • The surface becomes the instrument to reveal another Kind of Space.

Malevich’s Suprematist Composition- White on White


  • This is generally to show you the surface and the frame of art.


Space as the Medium of Art

Four Types of Space Addressed

  • Purpose
    • Unify all four Spaces
    • Bring understanding of Space as Life
    • Penetrate deeply into our soul and become fundamental to our Subject Life.
    • Receive Tools for your Spiritual and Creative Evolution
  • Subjective Space
    • Subjective Space Art movements
  • Sustaining Energy is Love. Maintains Subjective Space inertial and gravitional properties of matter
  • These vortexing particle are the carriers of energy curving the space around it manifesting gravity.
  • When the energy of Material and subjective Space is correlated with the Coherent Harmonics Non-material effects can arise
  • Supersymmetry Complexity Space expresses the physics of dimensionality existing across scale and as such is able to embody through hyper information or syntropic information fields large scales of energy.
  • Supersymmetry Complexity Space, can reveal how life emerges from space as space is without dimensional limit. It is how we scale the energy and information that determines the dimensional parameters.
  • It is through radical symmetry that the linear and non-linear have play
  • Without hyper’dimensionality, one would expect any two points of the plane of the picture to be unrelated. But with supersymmetry complexity, properties like mass appear and the interactive strength between a particle and its supersymmetric partners are closely aligned.
  • Density of supersymetric information manifests real energy and further a real appearance of mass through the supersymetric complexity space expressed through the plane of the frame.
  • The realization of Harmonic complexity is an extension of symmetries associated with space and time right at the root of the string of dimensions that define every point of existence.
  • Holo’dimensional Space can re-organize and re-energize the psyche, weaving the viewer with the Fabric of Being.
  • The Viewer ingesting the Space can re-organize their limited, by the geometries of the Material Space, subjective fields of forces and patterns.
  • Weaving the weaver with Coherent Space consciousness. Inner and outer are woven, creating an psychic energy source to travel.


  • Ancient Roman art Roman art as you can see has a muscular tactile space, shows a predisposition towards physicalness (get image of Roman art)
  • Greek and Roman space is muscular and tactile, space through the material lens
  • The space of the world around as directly perceived is the type of space being rendered.

Renaissance Art

  • (Image of Renaissance art)
  • The space our minds inhabit was constructed by artist some 5 hundred years ago.
  • The Euclidean space
  • The picture of space as something that exists apart from the objects as pre-existing did not exist. This has been largely the language of our space.


  • Monet is showing the interpenetrating of multiple space at once. Here you can see three different spaces. The surface of the pond, the space below the surface of the water and the sky with clouds reflected from the surface. More than one object is in the same place at once.
  • Show Monet piece

Cezanne Landscape

Van Gogh

  • In a number of his works he was rendering the subjective space of the changing of the age around him. Of special interest was the loosing of the connect to the land and the movement to a factory mercantile world and the hopelessness that came with that.




  • During the turn of the century many artist were deeply interested in the 4 dimensional nature of the world and sought to discover this through the study of the direct principles of form.
  • Cubism was originally an inquiry into the principles behind form and space especially fourth dimensional space as it interfaces with perception. The result of their scientific explorations was a dimensional transformation of the frame-space. The structuring of relationships between perception and form within the frame-space was their scientific method of discovery. Cubism was an exploration into the principles of form, the structuring of relationships existing between perception and form, the simultaneous and relativity of forms relationships. This was a discovery and an altering of our perception of form with it’s space that it created.
  • Holo Qubism from the convergence of Cubism, holo as in all information dispersed at every point and quabbalistics as the study of the Creator’s Original Design Science.


  • Here the space of dynamic change is at the forefront of this movement.

Expressionism – the very surface is the point of the art. To show without recourse to the projective power of the art.

Visionary Art

  • Here the subjective reaching for an inner vison of a higher world is largely to purpose of this art. (Alex Grey) The point here is that where a higher dimension is sought it is still largely within the confines of a three or four dimensional projection.
  • The post postmodern visionary artist expresses images that embody their vision of the spiritual and sacred realms found through myriad methods for enhancing visionary and imaginative facilities. However, the art of the visionary artist is still an extension of the artist’s subjective perceptual Space.
  • They are not engineering Space.

Visionary Art Path

  • True Visionary artists seek to discover and express the greater dimension of existence.
  • Hyper’Classical does not exclude the Visionary artist path but expansions the possibilities and methods.
  • Qubism is visionary but the visionary nature does not arise from the subjective space of the artist but from the inherent connection of the Subjective Space of the Viewer and the Coherance Space of Source.
  • Qubistic patterns have multiple levels of organization and simultaneous gestalts.
  • Electrical appearances can be of three types, Electron Currents, Positronic Currents and Positronic/Electronic Neutral Neural Currents. These are drawn directly from the Real Space
  • Symmetry in parity and harmonic resonance can cause the arising of Free Energy via the Subjective Space. This is low entropy transmission directly to the Subjective Space.
  • This is a technology of freed Material Space. This Cold Radiant Electro Current phenomena via the Subjective Space.
  • The interior Field of The Frame of the Complexity Space is attenuated compared to the ambient entropy of the Viewer.
  • This is via Subjective Space the ambient reordering of the Cognitive Field of the rendered Subjective Space.
  • Coherence Space reorders the Real Space via Longitonal Oscillations.
  • Principles are in Coherence Space the Currencies
  • Material Space is effected via Subjective Vibrations


Material Space

  • Look around and listen around you. The walls are a certain distance away. Looking out a window the distant scene is so far away. The person next to you occupies a separate space a few feet away. This is space of metrics and differences of distance. Can be measured.
  • Is Material Creation from an Original point like the big bangers say? Well all of material space interacts with real space all the time, everything interacts with and through Real Space. Big Bang says space expanding. If this was the case then it would effect the material world. As space is the source of Material Space.
  • Material Forms manifesting are confined to the projected spatial forcefield. Coherence Space allow for an entirely new physics. Particles as Real Space Waves confined to the dimensions of this world never venturing beyond it as they are the very nature of the Material World. Protons, electrons, quarks, are stuck.

Subjective Space

  • Within the field of viewer or perceiver is a complex of spatial relationships. Without this space the material space does not exist just as without the material space the subjective space does not exist. So we can say that they are inseparable. The Buddhist say the same thing. This is space of a low entropy environment.
  • The Nature of the space we inhabit determines the qualities of our feelings.
  • The Medium of Art is always Space whatever the tools being employed. Material Space is the Space most often used in relationship to Subjective Space.
  • Do n t think that other people see the world jut as you see it and as contempary society see the world. Do you think that the ancient saw the world as the impressionist brought into cultural consciousness the disconnect of actions of the world.
  • Within every new Emotion is a new world view.
  • From a SubjectIve Space perspective, there is no Space!
  • It is only the concepts we hold about space that is space. Space is in fact the most fundamental attribute of the Subjective. From our Subjective space concepts come our purposes, visions, goals, actions and manifestation. We invent our Space…
  • How we conceive Space is an artifact of our culture and of our language.
  • Material space and subjective space are dependent on real space to exist. How?

What is Real Space Virtual Real Space

  • Preexists Material Space
  • Root of all Material Space
  • Interative realationship with subjective space
  • Is influenced by Qubistic Space
  • Composed of
    • All Pervadingness
    • Isotropic Energy Potential
    • Longitudinal Scalar Waves
      • Example of hands pressing on each other
      • Now imagine this being pressed everywhere and trillions of trillions of times more powerfully. That is Real Space.
    • Volumetric Vortex Motion
      • Has Virtual non-material mass
      • Unobserable by material means
      • Observable through Coherence Space
        • Sufficient harmonics replicate the field from which material mass gives its rise
      • Spirals

Sacred Geometries

Arises in relationship to Source Space or Coherence Complexity Space. Complex to the Real Space and Material Space

  • Real Space when compressed, translate or otherwise organized in any way in respect to the ambient Space exhibits virtual properties.
    • Relative to Art include
      • Density
      • Momentum
      • Elasticity
      • Stiffness or Coherent fields
      • Through Subjective Space
    • Standing wave vortexes of Real Space constitutes the particles of The Material Space.
    • These can be organized in a way as to induce a reorganization of the Subjective Space via Real Space through standing wave harmonic art.
    • Across Scale arisings through the viewer’s Subjective Space can induce field realignments of the material energetic fields of the viewer.
    • There is no material material involved Super dense all pervasive dynamic Not the old ether theories of last century and before.

The Casimir Effect

  • The Casimir effect was first theorized in 1948. two conductive or dielectric plates brought sufficiently close together will be forced
  • The narrow space between the plates shields out the longer wavelengths while the Real Space continues to impinge on the outside surfaces creating an imbalanced force, driving the plates together. Dr. Milonni[15] of Los Alamos Laboratories has recently provided a detailed interpretation of the Casimir effect in terms of this net radiation pressure from the vacuum….The direct measurement of the Casimir force ( Fc=p2hcA/240d4 ) has been performed on several occasions, first by Sparnaay in 1958 and most recently in 1998 by Mohideen[16]. Using an atomic force microscope, Mohideen’s measurements where found to be within 1% of Casimir’s theoretical prediction. One will note that this force increases very rapidly in proportion to the inverse of the forth power of the distance between the plates. Decreasing the spacing by a factor of 10, increases the force by a factor of 10,000. The detectable onset occurs at a rather miniscule plate separation of roughly 1 micron….A Simple extrapolation of this force down to the separation distance of bonded atoms in the range of 10-9 to 10-10 m yields an astounding Casimir pressure of 106 to 1010 kPa, providing values tantalizing close to the ultimate strength of many metals and Young’s modulus. This would not appear to be a coincidence, providing a far more logical and intuitive mechanism for atomic and molecular bonds. Extrapolating even further to the dimension of bonded nucleons, generally conceded to be in the order of 10-15 m, (to be contested) yields an astronomical radiation pressure of 1030 kPa, which seems rather absurd but certainly sufficient to hold the nucleus together against the coulomb repulsion of the protons….
  • Coherence increases as the 4th root of the organized Coherence to Real Space complexity. The visual energy gradient increases between the frame mass and the coherence of the randomized light energies of the environment. Charge is generated as a byproduct of principled coherence.

Supersymetry Coherence allows a translation of Coherence effects via Real Space through Material Space to Subjective Space where the effects manifest.

  • Formalize our Subjective images of Space
  • Material Space and Subjective Space are inadequate to express our Contemporary Experience. And is certainly incapable of awakening our Collective Intelligence.
  • Resource of Space
  • Experience Creation Whole from the Source that is the Creator eternal to the Real Space of the Mother of all Manifesting Potential Through Material Space for Subjective Space Reorganization.
  • Modern Media is Wormhole in nature, holo to the fractal evolution of Material Space. It connects through another dimension. This shift from Fractal to Holo’Fractal Evolution is the threshold of Human Consciousness. Then to Co’Holofractal Evolution which is the invoking into the world through Technics a Evolution that is collective and is Enlightened.

What is light relative to Real Space?

  • Real Space waves are longitunal just as Art’s Space has Longitunal properties
    • Exists across scale
    • Holographic Color
  • Light is a pulse transverse wave?
    • What is the difference?
      • Longitunial Waves exist in a realm of vast oceanic potential
      • Transverse light waves are like ripples on the surface or sound waves through the depth.
    • Photons are single impulses of Real Space. The ultimate material tick. When these pulses are dipolely reflected or absorbed coherence field reordering can occur.
    • Mass is not an immutable property of matter.


Coherent Space

Coherent Space Birthing Universes of Creation

What limits our next great insight into the Coherence Space/Mathematical Source is our sensitivity to the Cultural Crisis of the Time and our willingness to be changed by the creative power. To maintain our own internal aesthetics

The Artist mines the richness of Coherence Space for the healing of the cuts of Consciousness.

There are an endless number of sacred geometries. All Coherent Complexity Spaces have unique indigenous to the space harmonics.

The Phi Harmonics appear to be the primary Resonant Geometry for Material Space from Real Space. The relationship of them is the basis for Phi Fields.

  • Just as Real Space of everywhere present so is Coherence Space. How is Coherent Space understood today. Presence is a common understanding of Coherence Space. Just as Real Space of everywhere present so to is Coherence Space. How is Coherent Space understood today. Presence is a common understanding of Coherence Space.
  • Presence is not part of time. The present is not Presence as all experience is of the past. Presence arises as its own nature and is not bound by our concepts or limitations of time. It is at once all connected and free.
  • Free attention can realize presence by aware resonance with the Free arising of connected Coherence.
  • How do we know Presence?
  • Spontaneity
  • Coherence
  • Someone who has presence appears to be spontaneous in their actions and also coherence in their expression.
  • This is the fundamental organizing principle.
  • Presence is not part of time. The present is not Presence as all experience is of the past. Presence arises as its own nature and is not bound by our concepts or limitations of time. It is at once all connected and free.
  • Free attention can realize presence by aware resonance with the Free arising of connected Coherence.
  • How do we know Presence?
    • Spontaneity and Coherence
    • Someone who has presence appears to be spontaneous in their actions while also coherence in their expression.

This is the fundamental organizing principle of everything.

Consciousness is a type of Resonance. Wherever Resonance Arise Arises Consciousness. When Resonance Disappears So Does Consciousness Appear to Disappear.

Holo’Dimensional Time flows in all directions at once and is a component of the rendering. By depicting Coherence Space archetonics, Consciousness is connected to Source.

Holo’Space Trigger Terms

Zeropoint Freenergy Expression

Healing Power – Art as Space Circuitry

Bio-Field Protection and Strengthening

Ascendance Levitation

Engineering Space

Tapping the Resources of Space Directly

Reveal Spiritual Truth






















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