Why the Wholonomics Model and Development Will Succeed

Some Reasons why the Wholonomics Model and Development Will Succeed

Number one reason: Scamming will be eliminated so it will have a foundation of truth.

Currents will either be backed by Security Tokens or will not function with the expectation of a return on the unit itself or will function as a true utility through the Ecochange. Demand increase will not in itself cause an increase in pricing. Where that is the case, it will have to be in the form of a security.

All units of Wholonomics will have a utility value as part of a real economy.

100% governance accountability. Every use of funds will be accounted for and used in best way to further the development and maturity of Wholonomics. All funds will be used to develop value, not frills like luxury hotels and travel to conferences. Holders are number one, not management.

Capital raised will be incremental as the hard work of design iteration to match market and distribution needs, customer and user requirements and interest finding what user will appreciate is achieved. Less capital forces innovation.

Mistakes WILL NOT BE HIDDEN BUT ADDRESSED for rapid experimentation and rectification.

Reports on progress will be honest and accurate. Zero hype is the goal even if it means less funds being raised. Full trust about all aspect is the goal here.

Advisors will be actual advisors not window dressing. If they are not going to actually contribute to the development and success they will not be advisors. High rating by paid for advisor will not be tolerated. Advisor further will not be allowed to cash out until the portal they are advising on is successful.

Bounty Hunters will be avoided unless they do REAL WORK.

A false sense of urgency will be avoided. The design of the raise does have a schedule of accounting increase but this is linked to real upfront risk and the fact that with funding, the value of the portal does increase.

Use of funds is transparent and blatant irresponsibility is met with the possibility of being voted out.

No troll-farm hiring.  Fake signaling and fake vanity metrics are absolutely not allowed. The interest has to be real. No fake accounts or activity.

Equity Investors if there some and Current buyers are on equal footing with equal or parallel power.



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