Portal 26 Prototyping Civilization 3.0

Civilization 1.0 Tribalonomics was a Largely Golden Age of tribal harmony and abundance. Tribalonomics have an inherent affinity for living in Harmony with The Whole.

This was replaced by Civilization 2.0 Pyranomics.  War Thirsty connected bloodlines Apexed themselves atop a new class system cementing in the Space the new Paradigm, Pyranomics.

They looted the wealth of the Civilization 1.0  tribes. They destroyed their lineages. They took their Current connections to Earth and Source.

Esoteric knowledge as to the nature of reality early Pyrasites hid from humanity.

They built secret networks of connection and power to control the rest.

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The Collapse of Complex Civilization

Pyranomic industrialization needs to be dismantled. Not just reach a tipping point in public opinion.

People are not rioting over the unwillingness of this government to provide healthcare. People aren’t rioting over the toxification of the total environment and their loved ones dying of cancer. They’re not rioting over the United States spending billions of dollars-billions and billions of dollars to kill people all over the world. And, in fact, one of the smartest political moves that any politician makes is increasing the military budget.

Pyranomics must be undone completely. That’s an absolute necessity. Humanity lived without Pyranomics for most of its existence. It is killing the planet.  The planet (and sustainable human existence) is more important than Pyranomics.

We rather have a voluntary transformation, a tipping point.But if this does not occur, we need a backup plan.