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Locamid sufficiency is a key to economic evolution.

We connect  emerging  technologies  with evolutionary strategies to  install  a  turnkey,  project  focused,  capital  efficient,  co-investment  ecosystem  to  satisfy  stakeholders  at  every  level.  We as Communecologies Engines will no longer persist with more liabilities than we have leverage.

Locamids customize region specific solutions by implementing sustainable innovations,

With integrative systems design, we implement decentralized 3.0 solutions.

We reinvent regional regeneration

All major crypto-currencies today are global.

They use global consensus about every transaction providing one global currency all participants use. This means that transaction volumes and speed (TPS, transactions per second) are capped by what the global network blockchain can handle.

One-size-fits-all does not lead to innovation in local commerce.

Many are designed to be fixed in total amount, creating scarcity. As a result, their value against local fiat currencies rises, leading people to hoard them.

This makes global cryptocurrency a pretty good but not great and not that dependable store of value, and definitely makes them poor as mediums of exchange. Besides that they kind of lack soul.

Locamids adapt the value-holders to the needs of local communities. Consensus is localized to each Communecology.

The smart contract platform is no more, “one-size-fits-all”.

Locamids control their own platform node.

Local transactions are not included in a global ledger because  local currents circulate locally and will optimally become Reserve Current backed.

Locamid Communities will issue their own Gift Currents that will become the foundation for an Unconditional Basic Income.

Wasteful consumption of resources by using globalized inefficiencies will be reduced.

Social change comes by empowering communities to better serve the needs of their “communees”.

Local dApps will be built upon the locamid smart chains. This will lead to:

  • Fundraising made much easier.
  • Politics will evolve towards a Wholotic DAO governance model.
  • People will naturally be encouraged to stay in their communities.

Globamid Currents for payments between Communecologies providing liquidity across communities.

Member’s identity will be managed by scaling through community.  Who one shares their id and data circulates privately within the communities, until redeemed during global payments.

The Locamid is a platform opportunity for fintech innovation inside Communecologies, leading to stronger and more diverse communities.

The Globamid Platform enable community chains to issue and EXCHANGE community tokens worldwide.

  • leads to stronger communities
  • greater sustainability
  • less poverty
  • more productivity

Through an integrated dApp and dAppexchange, people will be able exchange with each other in Locamid Gift Current Chains.

Locamid Currents exist on a local branch of a global blockchain, simplying the mining by requiring local consensus only about transactions made.

The Globamid Netsworth along a local branching protocol is composed of Communecologies, each dealing with its own affairs.

Local currencies are adaptable to local community needs. Local currencies already exist but are not very advanced.

Global Cryptos can not improve local economies or alleviate poverty any more than the existence of gold can.

Gift Currents fill the gap.

Any community without limitation is what a community is and will be able to issue their own Gift Currents, with far more capabilities than currency we use now:

  • Micropayments
  • Community Fundraising
  • Basic Income for Communecology members

Locamidization opens up a world of innovation for local commerce and governance.

Gift Currents are readily convertible for the recipient who is choosing to “cash out”.

Payments internal are frictionless carrying no fees or even giving a bonus for usage.

Communecologies releasing their own locally or community Gift Currents act as a bridge between Locamid Currents and externals by transferring them to the community’s account on the Globamid dAppchange – The Ecochange Netsworth.

Locamids issues local currents, internal tokens redeemable for Globamid Reserves when one wants to cash in and out by trading “Locamids for Globamids”.

Community members and businesses exchange for goods and services using integrated “Locamid Gift Currents”.

As used more, cash outs are less as circulating internally improves. Businesses will be able pay their employees with Smartchain appreciating Reserve Notes.

Communecology Reserves multiply as there is mass adoption, Communities who issue their own scaling tokens never run out of opportunity and creative expression.

Communities sometimes experience a depression having less money circulating within. Automation allows one worker to do the work of ten so fewer dollars are paid to workers and so more dollars leave the community.

A thriving community may be disrupted by shifting market forces. Also countries who lose their ability to issue and circulate their own viable currency become disrupted. Deficits lead to a downward spiral.

Locamid people can employ one another even without external global units. They use local value to pay their employees and each other. Locamids can never run out of Gift Currents.

Communecology Gift Currents will have real demand. Their core, the local uniqueness within its own community.

Wholonomics will issue Communecology Kits to integrate local Gift Currents with the dApp along with promotional guidance, and Value Networking.

Communities promote their Giftcurrents internally to its members. At critical mass it becomes widely accepted for local goods and services.

Being widely accepted makes Communecology GiftCurrents valuable to the local community.

“Globamids” are on reserve, to cash out from the local into another type of value. When someone wants to import goods, or make online purchases, travel or invest abroad, they will exchange their local for Global Currents on the Full blockchain, that are exchangable into anything else.

Buy local Community Currents and they are deposited with the Community Network. This creates demand for Giftcurrents, as they are held in reserve.

US Dollars are held on reserve by banks world over. This creates demand for them as a reserve currency.

As people within a communecology accept Wholonomic Tokens and Local Giftcurrents, the more valuable they become. Thus acceptance further increases.

The network effect is stronger in local tightly-knit communities. Compared to disbursed global communities. But both can still enjoy the network effect.

Thus new things can quickly spread throughout local communities and can bring value through a Gift Current Scalar Community dApp.

The adoption of Wholonomic Gift Currents and other innovations will happen this way. Once someone sends you Gift Currents through the dApp you will need to open a HyperDToken Account to get it. You automatically participate in the MultiDtoken disbursements. When you want to pay someone you ask them to install it. The more people who have an account, the more frictionless payments become. So more businesses will accept it.

Global crypto-currencies are like digital gold. They have the same scarcity limitations for communities.

People have always chosen to circulate local representative currency instead of the heavy gold they represented.

Launch the token, collect the metrics, iterate based on results.

People to pay in local Gift Currents. Prices denominated in the user’s home currency. Internally, the Gift Currents are being moved by the EcoChange Smartchain hosting the communecology own local (Locamid) node.

Communecologies will make Gift Currents a lot smarter, enabling applications such as Local CPI, Basic Income, and Fundraising to name but a few innovations that can be built into this value holding Portal.

Local communities evolve differently.

  • Some are in a metropolis,
  • others are remote villages.
  • Some near an aquifer,
  • others in the desert.
  • different costs of living place to place.

Localization can allow us to have more insight into the prices of things.

Stores or manufacturers will tag products with categories. During checkout, information about how much was spent on each category is anonymously added to the community’s aggregated ledger of transactions.

From there, a deeper analysis.

This kind of insight into the community’s buying aggregate behavior can help communities make smarter decisions. The community owns the data, but could give others access to it on a limited basis. It could provide daily reports for its own residents, who can see the distribution of money being spent in the community. It could also be used to respond to price signals. Increases in price could be analyzed with neural networks to see whether they indicate a cartel, or a genuine phenomenon such as a shortage. All this becomes possible when each community issues its own currency


Basic Income is a “holy grail” of social safety nets. Eliminating the bureaucracy and incentives associated with welfare. There are necessity goods which everyone would attempt to buy basic amounts of even if times were tough, such as food, water, shelter, etc.

Thus, each member gets a proportional amount  to save or spend. This will eliminate the food, water, health insurance insecurity. Free us to be more productive to follow our dreams.

Basic income enjoys support from across the political spectrum.

Communecology Currents are smart enough to implement basic income. They can be designed to tolerate inflation while maintaining the value of the EcoChange blockchain. Prices move with respect to the local community tokens, local suppliers get paid larger amounts. This affects the exchange rate of Locamid units to Globamid units.

Prices can be easily denominated in all currency pairs.

Under the hood, Communecology DAOs can be used to implement local fiscal policy as a community. Basic Income works if each local Communecology and HyperD Wholomid controls amounts they issue and to whom.


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