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Almost all crypto exchanges are essentially centralized.

  • Orders
  • deposits
  • withdrawals
  • transactions

are routed through centralized closed systems. Binance, Okex, Coinbase, Kraken for example are controlled by companies and managed by centralized servers. We call them centralized DEX’s (CentDex’s).

WholoD.exchange SmartChain technologies and capabilities will equal or surpass in transaction speed and functionality,

The Wholonomic Smartchain will have Portex Nodes where the Portex Token and Current functions and purposes are grafted and integrated so The Whole will be able to evolve through the activity of The Whole.

Currents underlying the WholoDex will be highly liquid.

What is a WHOLODEX?

The Wholo Decentralized Exchange is an open source platform operating through a locally noded blockchain across scale. No one entity will control the flow directly which is the opposite to a CentDex, a centralized  exchange.

Using Scaling Smartchain with Local Blockchain and Portal architecture will allow a significant upgrade in speed to match CentDEX’s along with orders of magnitude greater functionality.

We will use proxy tokens for posting different cryptos on different blockchain platforms and we will also use a multi-signature escrow system (See Holo Escrow Portal) as well as develop various cross-chain solutions.

WholoDEX is an equal playing field for all within the network. A CentDex is not.

WholoDex empowers and encourages anyone to contribute to the Whole system.

Centralized crypto has the same Pyranomic characteristics and power structure defeating the point of creating them in the first place.

Centralized power and control is counter to the individual empowerment purposes of a decentralized system.

Some features of The WholoDEX:

No entity holds member funds.

Transactions occur directly between users in a Peer-with Peer (PWP) Network using community nodes for verification processes

WholoDEX is an automated open-source decentralization trustless system, eliminating the listed risks of centralized exchanges: WholoDEX alleviates these issues.

  • Server downtime
  • Possibility of manipulating the market
  • Loss of customer funds
  • Hacking
  • Bankruptcy of exchange

Differences  between CentDex and WholoDex

  • Control of Funds not centralized
  • Exchange Vs User difference is eliminated
  • No network downtime
  • The Liquidity issue will be addressed. High liquidity comes from greater platform usage.
  • Advanced features will be developed and integrated.
  • Priority to have front end ease of use
  • Margin Trading Facilities will probably be established by a user group.

Most DEX are limited to Crypto on a single blockchain platform.

You can only trade ERC-20 tokens against Ether (ETH) on DEXs that are built on Ethereum blockchain, for example.

Advantages of The WHOLODEX

  • Great User Experience
  • Instead of fees, low fees or even positive fees (paid to use)! The only fees that users MAY bear are the costs of sending transactions over the smartchain.
  • Trustless of course In a centralized system, trust is required for a fully-functioning system.
  • Secure There are multiple risks using a centralized system to contend with. Locamid node computers connected to the smart wholochain are distributed globally. This will reduce server downtime and hacking. More nodes, more decentralization.
  • Inherent privacy – CenDex’s require awkward KYC procedures, WHOLODEX’s will not require personal data or information for most activity. Natural rights to have absolute control over privacy.
  • We will be able to trade any pairs from any blockchain. We can also include products and other assets in the auction as well as crypto pairs making the pairing possibilities virtually unlimited.
  • Once open-source launched in the “Wild”, becomes self-organizing with design contributors getting involved.
  • Pyranomic Resistant Governments will not be shut down or impose any regulations towards WHOLODEX and Its Nodes as they are not legal entities operating in a specific jurisdiction. WHOLODEX’s are open source codes operating on and through decentralized networks, making it extremely hard for any government to try and control it.
  • No arbitrage risk or front-running.
  • Everyone will get a fair price. All participants get the same price in the auction section.
  • Can function as an on-chain price-oracle

Some advantages and characteristics of using a WholoDEX Dutch Auction method for determining pricing between pairs.

  • Exchange can change between two auction states: a running auction and a scheduled auction
  • Sell orders are batched together and are accepted only before auction starts. Buy orders batched together and are accepted only when auction is running.
  • After the auction starts is a fixed amount of auctioned tokens
  • Price continuously decreases with time. At the same time, buy orders are accepted
  • When the auction ends everybody can withdraw

WHOLODEX does not require a company to function. WHOLODEX ARE the users of the platform.

Transactions occur transparently and are automated.

Integration with The Omni Ringlet (see section) as simple as possible. WholoDEX will allow for trading crypto and fiat and other value holders with built in storage to facilitate convenience for users. We will provide hardware wallets and the form of Awe.cards and software wallets. Anyone will be able to issue and move assets to built-in Omni Ringlet integrated with the WHOLODEX

All forms of transactions

  • deposits
  • withdrawals,
  • order matching

are stored on the smart wholochain.

We will develop a flexible approach to swap value holders of any type on a global scale.

The Reserve Portex is a protocol to convert tangible assets into a liquid form. Reserve Token Assets Bridge to real-world assets.

The portex functions also address:

  • Registration
  • Depository
  • Transferability
  • Trading
  • Clearing and settlement

Wholonomics smart contracts keep a complete immutable record of transfers.

Besides operating as a liquid asset, Reserve Tokens can be used for:

  • recording titles and assets like equities
  • creditor’s claims
  • securities
  • financial contracts
  • credit points
  • bills and currencies exchanges
  • equity crowdfunding
  • equity trading
  • employee ownership plans
  • peer-to-peer financing
  • loyalty programs
  • private equity funds
  • supply-chain financing

 End to End Omni Ringlet – Wallet Ring with Awe.cards



  • Completely decentralized options
  • Faster and cheaper transactions
  • Mine your own crypto
  • Obtain investment advice
  • Auto public key generation

Cryptoring Development

The ring wallet functionality allows users to earn, monitor and transfer virtual currencies. Unlike existing banks or pocket wallets that store physical currencies and can only be recorded as transactions on the blockchain technology. If it is transferred to the wallet it means that the ownership of the currency is signed off to a dedicated wallet’s address.

How to unlock the fund?

In order to use or unlock the fund, the private key must match the public address of the currency it is assigned to.

Advantages of Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet

Ring-Wallet – Ringlet Features

  1. Multi-Currency
  2. Hundreds of distinct cryptocurrencies have come into existence. Each holds unique infrastructure, ecosystem and purpose. If you’re inclined to using different currencies, the multi-currency wallet will let you access several currencies from the same/single wallet.
  3. Detect Duplicate Payments
  4. The reason why crypto systems, in general, don’t accept charge-backs, it’s rather risky for fund suppliers to reap more out of nothing or precisely by performing fraudulence. Additionally, with the 2-factor authorization protocol, the private wallet keys are extremely secured.
  5. Automatic Session Logout
  6. In order to enhance the primary security process, every single session logs out automatically. Initiating new login triggers after every X time (minutes or hours) will apparently keep the fund and account secured.
  7. Inflation-Free Investment
  8. Every crypto is supposed to contain after it hits/surpasses specific value. Because the quantity of virtual currency cannot exceed certain value/amount, the cryptoy can ever stay off the inflation grid
  9. 2-factor authentication
  10. To maintain a secure user account.
  11. Most used addresses
  12. To access all the readily available user addresses.
  13. Paper wallet development
  14. To be able to scan and process paper cryptocurrencies.
  15. Conversion rates
  16. To instantly view the updated currency value.
  17. QR code scanner
  18. To send and accept currencies in a single click.
  19. Push notifications
  20. To get alerts on transactions and when the value/price of cryptocurrencies change.
  21. Merchant services
  22. To join as a merchant and to browse other merchants.
  23. Security
  24. To protect the user accounts with password and PIN.
  25. Auto denial of duplicate payments
  26. To completely avoid chargebacks.
  27. Favorable session logout
  28. A security measure that automatically logs out user from their account

Types of Wallets

MultiD Ring Wallet our advanced multi-function device

With you whenever you want

Biometrically activated and keyed

Can be used for all types of Financial Transactions and Wallet functions as well as functioning as a multi-key for cars, offices and homes.

Next “New shiny object”. Can digitally perform many functions such as recording and imaging. Eventually it will contain a holographic projector run by voice commands.

Web Wallet

Wallet that primarily requires web access to function is called hot wallet or web wallet.


  • Quicker way to complete transactions.
  • Ideal for minimal savings.
  • Allows multiple transactions.
  • Allows direct integration into an exchange.

Mobile Wallet

Wallet which is highly functional and can be accessed seamlessly on any mobile device is called mobile wallet. It is completely internet based.


  • Efficient enough to accept or send payments on the fly.
  • Can support hardware wallets like QR code scanning.

Desktop Wallet

It is a really effective cold storage method. Safer than mobile and web wallet.


  • Easy to use
  • A cold storage option doesn’t need any energy source.
  • Comes with private keys.
  • Will not be stored on a third party server.

Hardware Wallet

Highly secured than the web wallet and are easier to work with than paper wallets. They handle fork better than others.


  • Easier and safer way to store crypto for long-term.
  • Stronger security for all other wallets.
  • Key mechanisms and Features
  • Track IperDtoken transaction and account
  • Secured Authentication & Authorization
  • Admin Panel
  • Windows/Linux/Mac Wallet
  • Android App
  • Push Notifications
  • Airdrop to All or Specific Users
  • Smart QR
  • Buy/Sell advice based on average cost per coin
  • Account labeling, color coding, budgeting and separate business/identity management
  • Automatic generation of a new public key for each transaction + manual one-touch address generation
  • Alerts/Feeds
  • Decide what exchange you pull your price
  • Payment gateway integrations
  • Import/Export private keys to a new wallet for the same user
  • Optional Timed Logout
  • Optional Password Protection
  • Automatic denial of payment to the same address twice
  • Client-side private key storage
  • Zero Knowledge on Private Key
  • Device Validation


KYC and Legal Contracts

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